The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 194: Spirit Transformation Technique!

Because of the interference of Naito in the Second Shinobi World War, a lot of things has changed, the cloud and the rock ended up fighting against each other, in the original the cloud and the wind were the one who fought each other, but the former surrendered because of Naito.

The Water didnt participate in this war, so it was a two horse race, only Konoha and the Cloud had the power to win these battles.

The Rock retreated in the end, and the cloud won the battle.

The Rock wasnt a strong contender, after all, they suffered a lot of casualties in the last war.

The land of Fire managed to gain a lot of resources thanks to the surrounded of the Wind.

Konoha was the biggest winner of this war, but it was all thanks to Naito.

Naito took another sip from his tea then looked at Sarutobi.

“Hokage-Sama, I hate troublesome, I prefer leisure, if you have some merits, you shouldnt count them, and I dont really want to deal with Konohas trivia.”

Naito made it very clear with one sentence, he wasnt interested in any status, he didnt want to be an Anbu Captain, not to mention to be the Hokage or even his assistant.

These words made Sarutobis heart tremble for a moment.

If he wasnt really interested in status or positions and he was telling the truth, in this case, he shouldnt be afraid of Naito or feel threatened.

People who dont have that kind of ambitions are not a threat.

But Sarutobi couldnt tell if he was telling the truth or not, even if he didnt want that ambition of becoming the Hokage, it was clear that Naito wants to be free.

Naito didnt want to be bound to anything, he just wanted to protect the people he cares about.

“To be honest…”

Naito glanced around him, he was inside the Hokages office, and he needed to be careful not to disrespect him, but still… he needed to ask.

“Uzumaki Kushina is shes already…”


Sarutobi interrupted him, he knew that Naito was gonna ask him about whether Kushina has become a Jinchuriki yet, and he wasnt that surprised about the fact that he knew about it.

However, this news was classified as top secret information, even the three legendary Sannin didnt know about it.

After all, Kushina was still young and weak, and she needed to be protected.

Although Naito was aware of it, he still needed to confirm it.

“In that case, thats fine.”

Naito shrugged his shoulders, then he took his tea and took a sip and said: “The other thing is that Im interested in some of the Techniques in the Scroll of Seals.”

Whether he could take it or not, Naito wanted to be straightforward and ask it.

After he listened to what Naito said, his eyes flashed slightly, then he smiled and said: “This isnt a problem.”


Naito felt a little bit strange, something seems wrong.

Naito has said that he wasnt interested in any kind of Status, but still he strength only is some sort of threat, you cant really trust someone because he said you can!

Hes still not out of control, thats why he could be a handy tool for them, but once he is, people like Danzo will never accept his existence.

And now Naito wants to see the Scroll of Seals.

The Scroll of Seals has records of every single technique since the establishment of the Village, the most important ones were the Second Hokages Techniques, each one of them was extremely powerful, but they were very difficult to learn.

The Scroll of Seals had even the studies that the Second Hokage did on the Edo Tensei without these studies Orochimaru wouldnt even be able to complete it.

If Naito gets his hands on the Scroll, theres no doubt that his strength will be enhanced!

Is Saruotbi really okay with making Naito even stronger?

However, after he thought about it, he understood that Sarutobi didnt really have a choice but to agree.

Its really hard to refuse, it will only make their relationship even worse.

Without forgetting that Sarutobi didnt think the same way as Danzo he wasnt trying to control Naito or anything, he didnt want to go to that extreme.

“Come with me.”

Saruotbi stood up and took Naito to another room where the Scroll of Seals is stored.

The Scroll wasnt only guarded by several groups of Shinobis, but it also has some kind of seal.

After he activated the Seal, he took out the Scroll of Seals and handed it to Naito.

At that moment, Sarutobis expression became serious.

“You can have it, but keep in mind, you will have to return it in three days.”

“And the techniques inside it cannot be leaked out!”

Looking at the Scroll of Seals in his hand Naito was still a bit amazed, he really didnt expect it to be this simple.

Naito was really about giving up on it, he was ready to go out after a few days from the Village and look for the Third Stage of the Lightning Armour Technique.

But now after he got his hand on the Scroll of Seals it was only natural that he was gonna focus on it, he was more interested in the Forbidden techniques inside it.

After he gently nodded his head to Saruotbi, he left the Hokage Building with the Scroll of Seals.

As he was watching Naito leaving, Sarutobi looked a little bit relieved, and there was a hint of inexplicable light in his eyes.

After he returned back to home with Scroll of Seals, he used his Ultra Perceive to make sure that he wasnt followed.

After all, he needed to make sure that the Scroll of Seals is always safe, there should be some Anbu following him to make sure it doesnt get stolen, but there wasnt.

This is made Naito feel more strange, and he began to doubt everything from the start.

After he opened it, Naito got really stunned.

Whether it was the Flying Thunder technique, Shiki Fujin, the Edo Tensei, or the other strong forbidden techniques, they were all missing from the scroll, it only had techniques like the Shadow Clone.

Theres no doubt this is a fake scroll!

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