The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 196: Spiritual Shock!

Even though hes at the peak of the Kage level, but hes not invincible.

Moreover, he still didnt lean the Shiki Fujin Technique or even heard about it; currently, Sarutobi is not that weak old man, hes at his peak.

Still, Naito could have crushed him if he wanted, but he was too lazy to do it, after he dealt with a few sentences, he left the office, and he was ready to start practicing his new technique.

Because of the Spirit Transformation technique, Naito delayed his trip to the Cloud Village, although he wasnt afraid of third Raikage, still, he was too strong and outrageous.

Getting third stage secrets from the Cloud is no doubt much harder than getting the Kusanagi sword from the Sand Village, and since he had a new technique to work on it didnt worth the risk to go all the way to the cloud.

Naito hit the streets of Konoha and start walking.

These streets are really lively since it was located in the center of the village.

While he was walking Naito saw a familiar figure.

Unexpectedly, Naito saw Maito Dai who was holding a basket buying some food from the street.

Its really unexpected to see that Maito Dai has some time to buy some food inside his crazy training schedule.

“Oh, Its Naito.”

When Maito Dai saw Naito, he looked very surprised, yet he smiled and said hello: “I was performing some task a few days ago, I couldnt go back to welcome you when you returned to the village.

“Youve become a hero kid, Konohas Ashura, sound strong.”

Listening to Dais words, Naito smiled, like he said, walking in Konohas street is completely different from before.

Hes like a celebrity.

In the past all that he received were those cold stares, even girls looked disgusted looking at him.

But things are really different now, girls looked very jealous looking at how Kushina was wondering around with Naito.

Looking at the basket in Dais hand, Naito was still curious and asked him about it.

“How come you have time to buy food?”

“Oh, this is…”

Dai showed an inexplicable smile, then he suddenly pulled Naito and said: “Come back with me to my house, I will treat you today.”

Naito wanted to go back and start his training, yet he still wanted to catch up with Dai, so he followed him to his house.

Finally, they reached Dais house.

Yes, Dais son has already been born, and he was named, Gai, Lees teacher, and the man who opened the Eighth Gate and almost killed Madara.

But now hes just a little baby.

However, Naito couldnt help but laugh out loud when he saw how that little baby had thick eyebrows, its just too funny!!

Dai obviously looked very happy.

“In the future, this boy will certainly grow into a great ninja, and his name will resound throughout the world.”

Naito looked at Dai who was holding Gai and whispered these words.

It seemed as if it was a blessing; however, it was a fact, no matter what happens from now on, Gais name will definitely resound throughout the world.

Dai felt very honored when he heard these words, because it wasnt any mans blessing, it was Konohas Ashura.

“Yeah, my son will definitely be a great ninja, and maybe even stronger than you.”

Dai smiled at Naito, then awkwardly he said: “If anything happens, you should take good care of little Gai.”

“Of course.”

Naito nodded lightly, he will never forget the man who taught him about the secrets of the Hachimon Tonkou, he would have never learned it if Dai didnt help him, and of course, he will do anything for him and for Gai.

Although he might not be enough to be a match for a genius like Kakashi, he knows that Gai will grow up fine, and will get stronger through the years.

After he got treated to a meal and stayed to a very late hour, Naito heads off back to his home.

Although Naito has asked for it, Dai didnt want to give him a Drink, because he was still a teenager, Naito didnt push him much, and couldnt help but smile.

Naito didnt feel this warm in a long time.

Unfortunately, the warmth has only lasted for a moment, war will never stop, and Naito needed to be ready for it.

After a good night of sleep, Naito woke up the next day and started his training of the Spirit Transformation Technique.

In fact, in the past few days, Naito has already begun practicing it.

Chakra is energy extracted from the human cells combined with the spiritual energy of human beings.

The spiritual energy is undoubtedly extracted from the human soul, its based on the will of the person, the stronger the will, the stronger the energy will be!

This is why many people can burst into a powerful force and reverse the situation although they were loosing.

Its all about the will power.

The spiritual energy can explode at any time bursting the Chakra flow and giving a lot of power.

In other words, Chakra is the link between the body energy and spiritual energy.

However, Naito Chakra is somewhat different from others.

Naito Chakra comes from the opening of the Hachimon Tonkous Gates.

As a result, the Practice of spiritual energy has fallen into a bottleneck.

This kind of techniques is more difficult, not to mention that Naito is a special case, and he needed to find another way to link his Chakra to his spiritual energy to further reach the soul, but he couldnt think of any way to do it.

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