The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 196: Spiritual Shock!

ock, its necessary to have a stronger momentum, and will, on the other hand, it will be better if he started from the fundamental of the spiritual aspect, that is, to find a way to reach and strengthen his soul.

Strengthing the souls has always been what Naito wanted, if he can strengthen it, he will gain a true immunity, and even more.

However, there isnt a lot of soul techniques in the world, and only a few people have studied it.

“I need to return to the fundamental, the only choice I have is to go back to practicing the Spirit Transformation technique and find another way to reach the soul level through Chakra.”

“Only by reaching that level, I can find a way to strengthen the soul; otherwise, it will only be a waste of time and effort.”

After he sat on a rock, Naito bowed his head and start meditating, finally, after a few hours, he ended his training and was ready to return to the village.

Naito started to consider asking for help, and the first person he thought about was no one but Kato Dan who mastered this technique.

Just when he was thinking of ways to find Kato, he saw a figure coming for a distance.

“Naito, did you finish your training?”

Theres no doubt that this person is Kushina, she couldnt find him anywhere in the Village, so she came outside looking for him.

After she did that for so many years, it became really easy on her to find Naito.

“Well, lets go and grab something to eat.”

Naito stood up and flashed from the mountain and appeared again in front of Kushina.

Naito looked at her cute face and couldnt help but pinch her cheek and tease her.

“Its getting dark, lets go!!”

Kushinas cheeks blushed slightly, then she picked his arm, and start to run toward the Village.

Naito took a glance at her face, then he smiled and followed her.

“Its really weird that no one from the Anbu department has followed her.”

“Thinking about this, Kushina has been captured before in the original, its a bit strange that they managed to take her from the inside of the Village.”

Naito felt a little bit strange, and he shook his head immediately, he couldnt think of any way for them to take Kushina from the Village, but he estimated that this plot has been rewritten anyway.

After walking for a while, the village buildings start to get visible.

Suddenly Kushina turned toward Naito, and her face showed an inexplicable expression, then she whispered at him: “You know Naito, Ive been following Mei lately, and I know what she was doing every day.”


Naito was surprised, he didnt expect Kushina to do such a thing.

“She seems to be spying on someone, but I dont know who it is.”

“Well… She might be doing a mission.”

Naito couldnt help but also feel that something was wrong, this character has not been mentioned in the original, her existence itself is strange, shes not a Jinchuriki, not strong, shes only a regular Shinobi.

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