The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 198: Enhancing the Soul!

After he ate launch with Kushina, Naito returned to his house to rest.

Next day, Naito began to look for Kato.

Kato is a Shinobi of Konoha, but what people dont know, Kato is actually an Anbu, but not any regular Anbu, hes a Squad Captain.

Although Naito lost all of his privileges in the Anbu Department, its still really easy for him to collect information about anyone.

After he looked around for a while, he found out that Kato was gonna attend a high-level meeting in Konoha, Naito didnt even know about this meeting!

“This a bit interesting… Even if Im too lazy to attend any meetings, they still should let me know about them.”

Slightly shaking his head, Naitos face showed a hint of ridicule, he wasnt sure if this is was Sarutobi or the other elders.

Konohas high-level meetings are not the same as the elders councils, the attendees are the elites.

The elites are the strongest Shinobis in the village, theres no such a classification of these people, some of the elites can even be at the Kages Level!

Just like Naito, hes the most abnormal.

Naitos rank is Jonin, but his strength is beyond that Rank, he killed the Third Kazekage, and defeated the Ichibi all by himself, he even wanted to make him his pet, theres not a lot of people in the world that can be compared to him, hes obviously at the Kages Level.

Naito is definitely qualified to participate in such a meeting.

He stood up then he stared directly to the Hokages building, its likely that if he received a notice about this meeting that Naito wouldnt attend it, but now, hes definitely going.


The Hokage Building.

In the conference room where the meeting was gonna arrange, there was a big round table, surrounded by a lot of Shinobis; basically, every elite in the Village was there, even Jiraiya.

At that time, Tsunade was standing there putting some documents on the table.

On the top, there was a book about the construction of a training institution for the Medical Ninjas and the inclusion of them in the task squad.

“Adding medical ninjas to the task squad can greatly reduce casualties, do I even need to say more than this?!”

Tsunade slammed the table and couldnt help but think about her younger brother, the sorrow, and the grief has never left her heart, but she needed to be serious at this moment.

However, the ninjas who were present in the meeting were more confronted, and Sarutobi was sitting on the top of the table frowning.

“Even if its gonna reduce the casualties, its still gonna cost us a lot of money and resources.”

A ninja spoke.

The others listened to him then they looked at each other and nodded.

Almost no one in the audience supported Tsunades idea, which made her very angry.

Suddenly, a voice came from the outside of the room.

“This proposal is excellent, why no one is approving?”

With a calm expression, Naito entered the room, the two ninjas at the door didnt even dare to block him!

Naitos arrival made the whole atmosphere in the room suddenly change.

Kato who was originally prepared to stand up and support Tsunade showed a hint of surprise and sat back.

“How come you… Naito?”

Tsunade was a bit stunned, she felt strange when she didnt see Naito in the room, she thought that he was just too lazy to attend the meeting, but when she saw him, she immediately looked back at Sarutobi.

Sarutobis face had a weird expression.

Sarutobis expression immediately returned to normal, after all, he was a Hokage, then he smiled at Naito and said: “I heard that you have been busy recently, I thought that you wouldnt be interested in attending the meeting that why I didnt inform you.”

“Well, thats true am not interested.”

Naito nodded at him, then he looked at Tsunade and said: “But Tsunades proposal is actually excellent, and I support her, what do you think?”

Naito said this then he turned at the others.

Although only the elites of the Village were sitting in this room, still, one gaze from Naito changed the atmosphere, and they start to feel inexplicably suppressed.

Although hes just a Jonin, yet he was as strong as a Kage!

No one in this room can doubt Naitos strength, nor his judgment.

“I also support Tsunades proposal.”

Kato was the first to support it, although he was initially gonna support her.

Someone has actually taken the lead, so the pressure was off, which lead to a second person, then a third, after that the rest of them looked at each other then nodded at once.

Originally, they werent refusing, they were only neutral, they felt that such a matter still needs to be considered carefully and even being studied several times before they can come to an agreement, but Naito changed all of this, no one wants to offend Konohas Ashura!

Of course, some people still objected it, so they needed to hear the Hokages opinion.

Although he thought it was really a good idea, it was still a big deal, and it was better if they took it slowly and decided after further studies.

But Naito ruined everything with his appearance.

Of course, this proved to Sarutobi that Naito wasnt only strong, but he also has that strong personality and prestige not only with the lower status but also among the elites, some people are very respectful to him.

“Well, since everyone agrees, lets try it and see how it will work, then we will make a final decision.”

After a long silence, Saruotbi decided to go with the idea.

Upon seeing it, Naito took a final glance at Sarutobi, then he left the room, yes he was right, Naito was too lazy to attend such meetings.

Naito felt free to enter then leave such a high-level meeting, the people in the room were looking at each other, but none of them felt offended, they all smiled and shook their heads.

Tsunade looked at Naitos back while he was leaving, then she smiled, she was really grateful to him, after that her expression became more serious and looked at the audience and said: “Well if were gonna try this, first we need to organize everything.”

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