The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 199: Emergency

The Hokage Building, outside of the meeting room.

Naito wasnt interested in the meeting; instead, he wanted to explore the entire building using his Ultra Perceive.

Naito wanted to see if he could avoid the perception Aura and steal the information directly from the Scroll of Seals.

Unexceptionally, Naito managed to avoid it completely!

Yet unfortunately, the Scroll was protected by another seal and Naito couldnt see its content.

What shocked him was that this Aura that even Pain didnt sense it when he tried to invade the Village, Naito with his Ultra Perceive could detect it and even avoid it.

This is incredible!

Still, the range of this Aura is really big, just how big is Konoha? The Aura seems to cover even the hills around the village.

This enchantment has been created by the Second Hokage Tobirama, the work of this man has always amazed Naito!

After he waited for a while, the meeting was finally over.

At first, he saw Tsunade, so he said hello first then he turned immediately toward Kato.


Kato was a little surprised.

Although he was younger than him, yet he felt he needed to be respectful to Naito after the achievements he did in the previous battles.

“Come with me, theres something you need to see.”

Kato nodded at him, then two of them immediately walked out of the village.

Although he didnt feel good about it, he respectfully followed Naito.

The two of them walked for a while.

“This is the thing, I heard youve mastered the Spirit transformation technique, and it happened that I am interested in this technique and am currently trying to learn it.”

Naito stopped and turned to look at Kato.

Kato was a smart man, he immediately understood Naitos intentions and said: “And Naito-Dono wants my help?”


Naito nodded.

Suddenly hes nervous expression calmed down and couldnt help but smile: “Of course, theres no problem, Im happy to help you Naito-Dono.”

“Naito-Dono, I will do my best to demonstrate this technique to you; however, this technique is very special.”

“Even if I slow down, Im afraid that it will be a little bit difficult for you to see everything clearly.”

“Because… How do I say it, it involves an invisible spiritual field.

As he said this, Kato started printing.

This technique is forbidden, Kato has used it to kill many enemies, and Naito has the chance now to witness it for the first time.

This went smoothly, he didnt expect it to be this easy, he thought that Kato wouldnt be willing to show it, Naito was ready to force him or even fight him to let him use it.

In fact, Katos character seems to be a bit like Minato, but he wasnt as good as him.


In the blink of an eye, Kato printed some hand signs and was ready to use the technique.

The Chakra started to flow in his body, but the flow itself was completely different than usual, it doesnt flow in the same regular Pathway System; however, the chakra is getting restrained from a moment then it gets completely disappeared from the body.

Naitos eyes cannot see this clearly, but his Ultra Perceive can clearly sense the Chakra flow and his the soul that is getting spiritualized.

When the soul gets spiritualized it can be seen by the naked eye, this technique can be even used to let the soul stay in the world forever if its strong enough.

“Like I thought… Mastering this technique enhances the soul itself.”

Looking at how Katos soul has flown out of his body Naito whispered these words to himself.

Since Orochimaru can capture the others body, theres no doubt that his soul is stronger than those people.

Although it can lead to the destruction of his own soul.

Katos soul is undoubtedly stronger, but Naito thinks that Madara has the strongest soul.

Thats why he could free his soul from Kabuto when he got restored by the Edo Tensei, its simply incredible.

“This is the whole thing.”

He said this in his spirit form, then he rushed toward his body so fast and got control of it again.

Naito nodded at Kato and said: “Well, thank you.”

After he said this, Naito sat down and started his meditation.

Kato looked at him, and without disturbing him, he left him in silence practicing this technique.

Time flies very quickly, and after a few months, Naito has finally mastered the technique.

However, using this technique in terms of attack was obviously not that significant for Naito, since he couldnt use any of his techniques in the Spiritual Form.

What Naito really needs right now is a passive skill, like the third stage of the Lightning Armour, which can strengthen his fighting power.

Practicing the Spirit Transformation technique itself has the effect of enhancing the soul, but the degree of that improvement is shallow, after all, this is an attacking technique.

Therefore, Naito was trying to find other ways to strengthen his soul.

And this is much more difficult.

When he tried to change the nature of the Hachimon Tonkou, he had Dai to help him achieve that, but this time, hes on his own.

Fortunately, Naito prior knowledge has always helped him in this world, and it hasnt been this incompetent until this time.

In addition, Naito has found out while he was practicing this technique that his soul is much stronger than Kato!

Its not just because hes stronger than Kato, it seems that the fact that Naito himself is passer made his soul stronger than the indigenous people of this world.

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