The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 19: Superiority

andime completed his word.

The first round began.

The kids were taken to four separated fields.

The Sandaime wasnt very concerned about the divisional battles, of course, he was waiting for the winner of the sub-fields.

Only the winner who can reach the top of the ranks can have the attention of the third Hokage.

Naito was assigned to the third field.

Kushina was in the same field as Naito, but she didnt care about her own assessment, she was only concerned about Naito getting good results


She was very worried.

Her heart was racing, watching Naito silently.

“We must be at the top.”

The third-field.

In fact, its a sub-field, an open playground, with two examiners, and four Anbu to control any kind of situation.

Naito first opponent is a student from his class.

That kid expression was terrified when he drew Naito as his opponent.

the most unwanted opponents, without a doubt, is Minato and Naito.

Well, most people feared Minato more.

The war Naito declared on Uchiha Samui made every student fear him, his opponent was trembling in front of him.

“I … I surrender!”

Thats all he was thinking of, he wanted to say it, but when he saw the White halo surrounding the fist of Naito he knew it was too late so he clenched his fist and dashed toward him.

But Naito Knocked him down with one punch to the chest.

The examiner was slightly surprised, then he shook his head, and announced the first win of Naito.

Naito didnt think about him, he didnt even try to make him surrender, he reminded himself that they were still kids.

There isnt a lot of kids who are like him and Minato.

After this, almost all the fights end directly by surrendering, or by ending it with one move.

Naito didnt need to use too much power, all the fights were too easy.

This also made everyone surprise.

“too strong.”

“Yes, awakening his Kekkei Genkai made him very strong.”

Many students who once looked down on him, now they admire and respect him.

Looking at him hoping that someday they will awake there own Bloodlines.

However, the bloodline isnt very easy to get.

So they can only look at him.

Even the examiner and the Anbu were looking at him as if they were praising him.

Kushina was very happy watching this scene.

Naito started his fourth fight.

Still with no accident.

Although the fourth opponent was a little bit stronger but compared to Uchiha Samui he was nothing.

A moment later, the examiner passed to the audience with a great voice the name of the winner.

“Yuu Naito, Fourth victory!”

This sentence made the audience quiet for a moment.

But a treacherous voice comes from the third sub-field.


Kushina couldnt help but cheer him as soon as she heard the announcement with a face filled with joy.

Because, winning four streak games, makes you a winner!

It qualifies you to enter the last round!

It was very easy very fast.

the entire third sub-field looked at Naito with a very envious expression.

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