The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 2: Devil fruit bloodline limi

In Naruto World, In the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The sub had already set, but there still one student in the Ninja school.

“kage Bunshin no Jutsu.”


A group of white smoke appeared, but the clone didnt.

“And failed again …”

Haneyoru had a little smile on his face.

He had come to this world for years now.

This is the world of ninja, he dreamed to be a genius.

But his body found it extremely difficult to extract mana, let alone practicing Ninjutsu.

Although the chakra in his body was the same as the ordinary boys his age, he couldnt succeed in using any kind of Ninjutsu, no matter how much effort he put in it.

“Although I cant practice Ninjutsu, there is still the Taijutsu. The Hachimon, But I dont want my power to last for a moment, I want to be powerful constantly.”Honeyoru

is the heaven joking with me?

“Sigh, There still about two years for the second Ninja war to begin, not mentioning fighting in it, Even trying to survive will be hard with my current strength.”

Haneyoru Sighed, he just had to come when the second war was about to begin, this was his bad luck.

He is only eight years old now.

But his time was running out.

If within two years he didnt develop a way to protect himself, then in the war his fate would be that of a cannon fodder.

Honeyoru didnt want to be a cannon fodder.

“Well, lets not think about it and just go to the mountain and practice over there. Even if its difficult to practice Ninjutsu, I cant just give up.”

He shook his head trying to throw away the thought about the war, he stood up and went toward the mountain.

While he was walking on the road, from time to time some student would look at him with strange eyes.

“I heard that he cant use Ninjutsu at all.”

“I think he wouldnt be able to even pass the graduation exam.”

“Thats for sure, that guy is an outsider, he wasnt born in the village so how can he be compared to the geniuses in our village.”

Students kept on talking about him while a look of contempt surfaced on their faces.

Honeyoru pretended that he didnt hear anything.

A group of big farts, after the war that will break in two years, they will know what crying is.

But it is not good for him to say that his luck was bad.

Coming into this world, he wanted to become a Ninja in Konoha.

And even if he wasnt one of the Senju or the Uchiha … Even a normal home is good.

But the truth is he doesnt have a home.

Honeyoru wasnt born in Konoha, he was from a small village.

That village was exterminated by the Suna village and he was the only survivor. So he was found by a Ninja from Konoha who brought him here.

Although he was only a child, everywhere he goes there are only cold eyes looking at him.

Honeyoru was already accustomed to this.

He went to the mountain behind the school. (Tl: I dont know if there is really one there.)

He went toward a little wooden pillar. (Tl: Words betrayed me, What do they call it again?)

There was an obvious dent over that little pillar. This was caused by Honeyorus countless kicks and punches.

He looked at the bandages on his legs and fists, then he suddenly kicked at the little pillar.

Even if he cant practice Ninjutsu, He didnt plan on giving up.

“One, Two, Three … Thirty-five, Thirty-six …”

His body was drenched with sweat as if it was raining over his head.

Soon, his body began to get more and more tired, Especially the ankles part, They were turning numb.

Even so, Honeyoru still didnt stop, he ground his teeth and continued.

He cant practice Ninjutsu so he could only practice Taijutsu. But this needs someone who could withstand a huge amount of pain and so much effort that children his age wont be able to do it.

Huff! Huff!

Gradually, Honeyoru started breathing violently, sweat soaked his clothes and was dripping on the ground.

Finally, when his legs were too numb for him to stand, he stopped.

“Ill take a break, then I will do five hundred straight punches, then two hundred sidekicks …”

Honeyoru was setting while watching the horizon that still got a trace of sunlight, this made him relax for a bit.

If I could just continue to enjoy this scene every day that would be good.

but unfortunately the second great war about to begin, Then the third and then the fourth … there are still many hidden crises ahead, It wont be easy to survive with my current power.

After his break ended, Honeyoru was standing up to resume his practice, but suddenly he issued a sound of surprise.

Because he suddenly noticed a strange light was coming from the sky.

What was that?

His face showed his curiosity.

That light was a fruit. And it wasnt a fruit from the tree on the mountain.

Honeyoru started walking toward where that fruit fell.

The sky gradually darkened, but Honeyoru could still find his way.

After a while, Roja found the place of that Fruit which still had some light on it and picked it up. But due to his tiredness, he dropped it.

The Light was suddenly gone, and darkness fell.

“This … Is this …”

Honeyoru suddenly squatted, He touched it a few times, then he picked it up again.

He still felt sluggish, but he held on it firmly this time.

This fruit is strange.

If anyone else in this world found it, then no one will know what actually it is. Maybe they will think that it was some toxic fruit and throw it directly.

But Honeyoru is different.

He was a fan of many Animes and it almost impossible for him not to recognize this fruit.

Its a Devil fruit.

“How could this appear in Naruto world?!”

Looking at the very delicate fruit in his hand, he suddenly thought that it was a fake one.

Was it really a Toxic fruit and just happened to be like the real devil fruit?

This idea flashed in his head.

But He shook his head.

No, This so much like one that its impossible for it to be fake.

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