The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 203: Regression!

They should retreat immediately!

The Leader of the squad was horrified and thinking about the possibilities of their escape.

They had several shinobis, and they were running in different directions, the only enemy was Konohas Ashura, its impossible for him to catch them all, and speed was their specialty!

In the air, Naito was looking at them escaping calmly.

At the next moment, Naito directly held her with one, Kushina couldnt help but play along and hugged him very tightly.

Although she was shy, she really wanted to see the next battle; still, she wanted to remind Naito that he can put her down.

However, once again the battle started before she could even speak.


Naito flashed toward empty space, then he released the seal of his sword and held it with one hand.

Holding his Kusanagi sword, Naito waved it several times in different directions.


Suddenly he sent several Shock waves cracking the space around it.

They spread to the distance cutting and shattering everything that passes through their way.

Later, they caught up with those who were escaping.

For a second they felt like if they were caught in a Genjutsu, the movements stopped and they start to feel like if their whole body getting crashed.

Ground, forest, people…

They all got split!

It was a very shocking scene, it even made Kushina forget how shy she was, and kept sitting in Naitos arms watching the battle.


Finally, she understood how powerful he is!

Even though they were very fast and strong, facing Naito, they couldnt resist or even escape!

The gap is simply too big.

Just as Kushina was shocked, Naito suddenly showed a faint color, then he smirked.

“Interesting, I dont know what this guy used, but he managed to block my shock, even though he was still hit by my attack, he could avoid being badly wounded.”

Naito looked at the forest below him, then he smiled, his face was kind of revealing a trace of mockery.

If he doesnt have his Ultra Perceive, he could have fooled him using that substitution technique!


At the next moment, Naito used the Soru technique and rushed toward the forest.


Behind a big tree, the Ninja was barely standing there clenching his teeth, while his entire shoulder was bleeding, since it got smashed by Naito shock wave.

His eyes were full of endless sorrow.

Originally he thought that with their speed they could escape from Naito, but the former with one hand using his sword could hit them all!

He was the only one who survived his attack!

But he didnt even have the chance to fight with Naito, he didnt have any other chance but sacrifice that shoulder, clenching his teeth, he cut off his arm with his Chakra, then he fled again.

Losing an arm will have a little effect on his speed.

While he was running, he kept sensing Naito Chakra, to avoid any kind of attacks that the former will use at him.

However, in the next moment, the Leaders expression changed, and he tried with whole power to stop which is very hard at his speed.

The thing that made him stop was Naito who was right in front of him, and looked as if he was waiting for him.

“This… This is impossible!!”

The Leader Squad looked confused, how did this happen? Before he could even think about the answer, the world in front of him became darker.

Even at the last moment, the expression on his face didnt change.

How could he catch up to him while holding another person!

Moreover, how could he even ran to his front, while he couldnt even sense him!

This speed is simply incredible!

Kushina was looking at how the last of them died and felt as if she was daydreaming.

Indeed, she was hoping that Naito could at least save her, but now, she just witnessed him rescuing her and wiping out the enemy squad.

This kind of thing is just unrealistic.

She couldnt help but pinch he cheek.


She wasnt dreaming!

“Its over.”

Naito threw his sword then did a hand seal, and the sword disappeared in the white some.

Then he landed on the ground, and gently put Kushina down.

“Are you alright?”

Seeing at her dull expression, Naito couldnt help but smile, he was amazed that she could show such an expression.

He couldnt help but pinch her cheeks.

This time, Kushina was finally awake, she slightly stepped back, she didnt rush at Naito as usual; instead, Kushina was bowing her head, she didnt even look at him.

“Hey, how are you still unhappy after being saved? Do you want to be captured again and carried to the Cloud Village, I will still be able to save you again, will that make you happy? Being saved two times by me.”

Naito smiled then reacher her cheeks again and pinched her.

His expression looked a little playful.

Kushina knew that Naito was trying to tease her, but this time, she didnt feel like resisting.

Kushinas eyes were trying to avoid looking at him, while she had lovely blush on her cheeks.

The atmosphere has become a little bit strange.

At this time, two figures rushed from afar and broke that atmosphere.

Those two people were Minato and Mei.

After checking out the situation the two of them rushed straight toward them, from first glance, they could feel that both Naito and Kushina were acting awkward.

Later, Minato glanced at the battlefield and couldnt help but get shocked.

Despite knowing how powerful is Naito, seeing this horrible destruction, the messy forest, and the blood and the crack around the place, shock his heart.

As for Mei, she was more shocked, She heard from Kushina and the other how strong Naito is, but she still didnt see it with her own eyes.

But now she understands what they were talking about!

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