The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 205: Land of Thunder!

Since the time Kushina has been rescued by Naito, Sarutobi begun to consider how to deal with the Cloud.

He slightly frowned while thinking about this matter.

Although the village of Konoha has almost gained its full prosperity in World War II, It still lost a lot of their men in the Rain, and later in the Land of Wind.

Although it wasnt much, it still considered as casualties.

Of course, the critical point is that the resources they gained after their victory will take some time to digest.

After he returned, Naito has been assisting the country in the past few months to rectify and deal with the expansion of the borders, while continuing on requisitioning various resources.

Konoha sent a lot of troops to the borders of the land to deal with various missions.

If they want to fight with the Clouds, Konoha could use some of those troops, but it might not be the right move.

They must still consider the Mist who didnt participate in the last war, they might get greedy and attack them!

Konoha is currently rectifying their borders, at the expense of the Sand, the Rain, and the Rock, who didnt show any kind of resistance, but once they get attacked by the Cloud, the formers will be as strong as the three major villages!

At this time, once the war broke out, the Mist will definitely attack, and it wont no longer be a small matter!

The War may once again rise from these local wars, and the Third Shinobi World War will break!

“No wonder they dare to attack us… They thought through about this, and they knew that we wont be able to attack them.”

The more he thought about this, Sarutobis expression gets colder, since he couldnt help but think about the Third Raikage.

Naito sat quietly while thinking about this, suddenly, he looked as if he made up his mind.

He heard him out, and he knew that Sarutobi cannot do anything about this matter.

“Im going to the Cloud Village.”

Naito stood up and said these words.

His expression looked very calm as he said these words, but it still shocked Sarutobi.

Yuu Naito… What are you gonna do?!”

“What do you mean…”

Sarutobi couldnt even look at Naito.

Naito said faintly: “You dont have to send any troops, and you dont have to attack the Cloud directly, I will take care of this matter.”

Naitos intentions were very clear and straightforward which made Sarutobi even more shocked.

What he did last time shock the entire world, and now he wants to do it again?!!

“Naito, the Third Kazekage and the Third Raikage are completely different persons, we even have some information says that he defeated the Hachibi several times!”

“According to the intelligence, the strength of one tail cannot be compared to the Eight-Tails, the strength of the Hachibi is the closest to the Kyuubi, the most powerful Biju, that is to say, the strength of the Raikage should be incredible!”

Sarutobi expression was very serious, even his tone was extremely heavy.

“Even I cannot win against him!”

However, listening to Saruotbi words, Naito kept standing looking at him calmly.

He waited until he finished talking, then he said…

“So what?”

“I could care less if he tried to capture any other person, but Kushina from all people… I will not stand here watching him hurting the people I care about!!”

Naitos Killing intent was all over the place while he was saying these words.

To make it simple, It doesnt matter if its the Cloud, the Raikage or even Madara, if they dared even to touch Kushinas hear, they should bear with Natios anger!

His Aura alone made the whole building shake, Natios momentum sure become stronger after he mastered the Spirit Transformation Technique, this scene was completely horrifying.

Even the Anbu who were under the Hokage Building felt his momentum.

“What a horrible killing intent…”

“Is this the Hokage… No, Its Naitos momentum?!”

“Its unbelievable, although he still young, Naitos power is really horrifying, he can even control a Biju with this kind of power.”

In the Hokage Office.

Feeling this momentum directly, Saruotbi couldnt help but feel horrified.

Although he was not a real alley, nor a real ninja from Konoha, this kind will he had to protect Kushina, made Saruotbi see the Will of Fire in Naito, the Will that only the Konohas Shinboi has.

As long as he could do such a thing for a companion, as long as he still wants to protect other, regardless the behavior and the process, Sarutobi couldnt help but have faith in him.

Otherwise, Saruotbi wouldnt forgive Danzo in the first place after he tried to assassinate him.

On the other hand, Uzumaki Kushina is originally very important to the village as the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.

Kushina is even more important than the whole village!

“I understand.”

After he kept quiet for a long time, he nodded.

He knew that he cannot stop Naito.

If it were anyone else, even if it were Sakumo, he wouldnt let him go to the Cloud to do such a suiciding mission.

But Naito was a special case, he was the man who invaded the Sand before, killed its Kazekage, and defeated its Biju, all by himself, even if he couldnt defeat the Raikage, he would still be able to do great damage to them, and still go back safely to Konoha.

Of course, Sarutobi was being a little bit selfish, he was also considering the benefits of this action, even if he could not control him directly, he could still use him in these kinds of situations.

Of course, he still cared about Naito, if by any chance he could kill the Raikage, it will be the best thing that can happen to Konoha.

“Just be careful.”

Naito didnt know if Sarutobi really meant what he said, but he was too lazy to guess anyway.

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