The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 208: Naito Vs. Ay!

The more he thought about it, the more the Third Raikage felt that something was wrong about this.

Unless they got trapped by a Seal Technique, how would Konohas Shinobi capture the whole squad who are specialized at speed?

However, even if they used some kind of sealing technique, with their speed, they should easily escape it.

At this time, a ninja who looked very young came in.

Naito kept an eye on this kid while he was in the Cloud, he was the Raikages Son and the next Raikage of the Cloud Village, Ay!

“The Surprise Unit got completely destroyed, Konoha didnt try to backfire us for this whole time, what are they planning to do?”

Ay looked at the Third Raikage and couldnt help but say what he had in his mind.

The Third Raikage shook his head and snorted, saying: “Losing that unit is already serious, but there wont be any more losses, they dont have the balls to attack us.”

“They cant attack us; otherwise they might cause the start of another great war.”

“And if they try to backfire us…” At this moment, the Raikages expression showed a hint of mockery and said: “They will all get killed by this hand of mine!”

“Yes, of course father, Konohas shinobis are no threat to us, but I heard that Konohas Ashura is very strong, some people suspect that he already sneaked to our village, father… You should be careful, he might try to assassinate you.”

“Let him try!”

The Raikage stood up and folded his hands on his chest, and looked like he didnt care. “If he dares to attack me, I will crush him like a little ant!”

“And I wont even have to break a sweat while am doing it, thats only natural…”

At that moment, the young fourth Raikage couldnt help but smile to his father, who looked very confident, after all the young man knew how strong his father was.


For nearly a month, Naito started to feel despair, getting the Third Stage began to seems a little bit impossible.

Until an event started to take place in the Cloud Village, then he finally got it!

To be precise… Stole it!

Although he was busy, the Raikage didnt forget for once in a while to help his son in his training.

And the subject of that training was practicing the Third Stage!

The training method was very different than the second stage, the third stage cannot be practiced in a room, it can only get mastered in the mountains surrounded by the clouds.

Because practicing it will cause a great momentum that will change even the environment of the place.

Moreover, sometimes it will even cause lightning to fall from the sky!

Because he was very busy, the Raikage wasnt always there for his son, for a whole month he could only help him once.

But this is was enough for Naito to memorize the whole process.

Even if the thunder was roaring and the whole place was surrounded by the clouds, it didnt block Naito Ultra Perceive he could see everything clearly.

The third stage wasnt actually as complicated as Naito thought, on the contrary, it was very simple!

In fact, the third stage is actually an extension from the second, but it needs more than the bodys own explosive thunder property, the user will also need to get fed on the natural lightning to strength his lightning armor.

Which is a very dangerous process.

You can get smashed and turned into fly ashes if the body is not strong enough or if you lose control on your Chakra.

But the good thing, Naito didnt have any of these problems.

Even though his body cannot be compared to Raikages, it was strong enough since he already mastered the second stage to a high degree!

As for the control on the Lightning release, it was definitely up to the standards.

“The third stage uses external and internal force to make the body stronger.”

“This process is not active, its actually a passive one, the longer you practice, the stronger you get.”

Naito wasnt standing far away from the Third Raikage as he whispered these words to himself while the former was teaching his son.

Yet this is look as if it was gonna take a lot of time, even the Raikage took him several years to break the Peak of the Kage level.

Moreover, this combination of internal and external lightning force is very dangerous on the body, it shouldnt be used for a long time.

When the age and body reaches a certain level, this technique should be no more practiced.

“The purpose of this trip has finally been achieved.”

After he memorized the whole process, Naito intentions changed.

There wasnt any progress for more than two weeks, Naito was ready to give up on it.

Finally, there was an opponent.

For the first time, the Third Raikage came to an empty space and started practicing the Third Stage.

“Although, Ive already got my hand on the secrets of the third stage, and I feel pretty good about it, but unfortunately… I cannot forgive what you did to Kushina.”

Naito sensed the Raikage who was practicing the Third stage, slowly calming down his mind, revealing a hint of indifference.

Theres no doubt about it that the Raikage is the one who gave the order to that Unit to capture Kushina.

And this is was his biggest mistake!

The third Raikage was very strong, he was even stronger than the Third Hokage, you can say that he was the strongest in the world.

So what?!


At the next moment, with one foot, Naito slammed the ground and dashed at high speed toward the Raikage.

The roar of his kick got mixed with the loud sound of the lightning, almost no one in the Village heard it.

However, the Third Raikge felt it in his guts, and opened his eyes!

How long has it been since the last time he felt this way, the Raikage couldnt even remember it.


The Raikage frowned looking at a figure rushing directly toward him, but there was no fear in his heart as he faced it with a punch!

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