The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 209: Facing The Clouds Shinobis

Its incredible!!

The violent lightning surged around the Raikages body as if it was some kind of armor.

The moment he threw that punch, the Thunder fell from the sky as if he was controlling it smashing the ground around him!

Facing the Raikages attack, Naito didnt even twinkle, without any fear, and with a hint of excitement, he also threw a punch.

How long it has been since the last time someone faced Naito head on?!

Naito can no longer remember, the only thing he knew for a fact, is that everyone who tried to do that died!


Naito fists size was really small compared to the Raikages, the former was really huge, on the other hand, Naito looked really thin, and from the first sight, he looked like he cannot compete with the Raikage.

However, the moment he clenched that fist, a halo white light emerged around his fist flashing with a fearful color, this was the power of the Shock force.

The space around his fist started trembling and shattering.

Finally, the two fists collided.


Suddenly, the cracks between the two of them spread and shattered like a broken mirror.

For a moment, it was impossible to tell if it was due to the lightning or the Shock force!

The ground shattered with an exploding roar sound, letting everyone in the village feel a sharp pain in their heads, some civilians even collapsed by that horrible roar.

Everyone showed a hint of shock and looked at the direction of that sound.

What happened?!


“Dont dare to underestimate me…”

The Raikages eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, he thought that the person who sneaked attack him was gonna use a Ninjutsu or a weapon.

He didnt expect that person to use his fist!

Just like Naito, the Raikage has never met someone who can fight with him, well in his case, no one dared to fight with him!

However, he fought many times against the Hachibi, and it was awe-inspiring for everyone in the Village.


The Raikage shouted, and the lightning got more chaotic around his body making his hair sticks up more.

The environment of the cloud was making his lightning release even stronger, and the whole place around the two of them was getting smashed by the roaring thunder!

The scene was really shocking as the entire place seemed as if it was turned into a living hell!!

“This is… Is the Raikage-Sama practicing some kind of technique?”

“It should be, its really terrifying!”

“Ha ha ha, the Raikage-Sama is sure noisy today.”

Everyone in the Village felt and heard the roars coming from the mountain, but their expressions looked really relaxed.

They simply didnt think that someone dared to invade their village and attack the Raikage.

And since all that they heard was the thunder roaring, they didnt really think much about it, since they were used to it!

At this moment the two mens fists were still crashing into each other!

This is the first time for Naito to meet someone who can block the shock force with his body!

Undoubtedly, not only his physical strength but the Chakra mode is also enhancing the Raikages defensive power!

Feeling the Raikages strength with his own body didnt make Naito afraid, it actually made him more excited!

Compared to the excitement that Naito was feeling, the Third Raikage looked really shocked.

Because the Thunder that was falling on Naito didnt have the slightest impact on him, on the contrary, it looked as if it was enhancing the lightning cloak around his body.

What is this!


The two fists were crushing each other, at that moment, Naito burst into full force screaming in anger moving his punch forward by one inch!

One Inch is really a small distance, but for Naito it was everything!

Shock Wave Lightning Release: Full Impact!

The look on the Raikages face became really confident as he wanted to push Naito back, suddenly, he felt a hint of a shock around all of his body.

Suddenly, the impact became stronger, and it wasnt the lightning; it was another violent force shocking his whole body.

What is this power! Its very strong!

In fact, the shock he felt in his heart was even stronger.

At the next moment, the thunder and shock force crashed, and his whole body got hit by Naito attack!


The traces of shattered space finally disappeared as Naito fist waved forward toward the Raikage and struck him hard sending him flying at the distance.


The Raikages whole body flew out covering a really long distance until he finally crashed into a mountain.

But the whole maintain got crashed yet he didnt stop flying backward until he hit really hard a second one and crushed.

In fact, the first mountain that got crashed was just a small hill, but the second was big enough to stop him from flying back to the Village!

The people inside the village could see the Raikage crushing into that big mountain after the first hill got destroyed, and man did they got shocked!

“Is that the Raikage-Sama?!”

“What happened!”

They thought that the Raikage was doing some training, but after they saw this scene, they all widened their eyes.

It seems that someone is attacking the Raikage.

But… How is this possible!!

Can someone send the Raikage flying?

All the Shinobis were looking at each other, no one could believe this!

The Third Raikage didnt even get pushed by the Hachibi, theres no human being who can do something like this to him.

But in the next moment, another figure suddenly appeared, and it was actually rushing toward the Raikage!

Naito was moving really fast that they couldnt recognize him; they could only see his residual image!

The shock on the Shinobis expression was evident.

“Who is that?!”

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