The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 210: Spiritual Shock!

The mountain got crushed, the people in the Village kept running as the stones fell like raindrops.

At the same time, they looked very stunned.

Someone is attacking the Raikage, and he actually sent him flying!

Is it a sneak attack?

But even if its a sneak attack, the Raikage wouldnt get bombarded, even the first hill didnt stop him from being crushed to the second mountain.

No matter what is happening, there was one thing that they were certain about, someone has invaded their village, and hes fighting with the Raikage!



The Clouds Shinobis finally responded, and with a shocked color on their faces, they shouted and sent the message to the whole village.

In an instant, the whole village got chaotic.

At the same time they were shouting, Naito has already caught up to the Raikage.

The reason why he managed to blast the Raikage away was that the former was using his full-strength, although he felt the power of the shock hitting his body, he couldnt just break out immediately and got caught by its power.

It wasnt just a punch, it was Naitos full strength!

In the face of a man like the Raikage, Naito didnt hold out his power and used all of his power to suppress him.


The figure flickered and cut through the sea of clouds, Naito rushed directly through the first hill that was destroyed, then to the mountain that was hit by the Raikage.

There was a big hole in the mountain, and it looked as if it was a cave, the Raikage was laying there under the wracks clenching his teeth.

Even so, he hasnt any scars on his body.


The Lightning surged in his whole body slamming half of the mountain from the inside, breaking him free; still, he felt numbs in his arm from the last clash.

“Someone who could do this to me shouldnt be anyone but… Konohas Ashura!”

The Raikage instantly guessed Naitos identity.

After all, the intelligence about Naitos power was well known to every Village, how can the Raikage not know about it.

However, the Raikage didnt expect him to be this strong, he could send him flying after all!

Of course, the more power he put into his Chakra Mode, the stronger he gets, and the Raikage wasnt using his fullest potential!

He didnt reveal his strongest attack yet!

“Is this how they planned on fireback us? They think that sending this little devil will be enough to scare me?!”

The Raikage snorted, but his heart was full of raging anger.

Its been many years since the last time the Raikages back touched the ground on the battlefield, which made him feel a little bit ashamed.

Just when the Raikage was about to go for it again, he suddenly stopped.

Because someone has appeared in front of him.

It was Naito!


Seeing Naito didnt make the Raikage surprised, because he already guessed it was him.

Naito had no fear for the Raikage, do you think the Raikage will have the slightest fear for Naito?

Hes the strongest Raikage in the history of the Cloud!

Naito looked calmly at the Ay, he didnt ask him about the accident that involved Kushina.

No need for this kind of nonsense, because this is a war!

Facing the Raikage, once again Naito clenched his fist and threw a punch.


In an instant, the second half of the mountain suddenly burst.

The endless rubble fell from the sky into all directions, the Clouds Shinobis quickly jumped into the air destroying them and stopping them for hurting the civilians.

Suddenly, the Raikage and Naitos shadows appeared in front of everyone.

The two were facing each other.

The thunder around the Raikages body was flickering, as if it was a burning blue fire, this lightning coat around his body has a terrible defensive power actually, along with his powerful body, even S-Class Ninjutsu cannot hurt him!

The Chakra that was surging around his body was horrifying.

On the other side, Naitos Chakra mode didnt look the same way as the Raikage.

However, as always, Naito had inexplicable momentum, a strong Aura, that felt even stronger than the Raikages.

He even looked calmer than the Raikage!

“Its… Konohas Ashura!”

“It turned out to be him! Konoha invaded us!”

The Clouds Shinobis looked very horrified the moment they saw Naitos face.

At that moment, a perceptual ninja shouted in the crowd.

“No, hes alone, no trace of other ninjas from Konoha!”

“Hes alone?!”

For a moment all the Shinobis widened their eyes in surprise, then they looked a bit angrier.

The news about Naito and how he invaded the Sand alone and killed their Kazekage was well known in the entire world.

And now, hes trying to do the same to the Cloud?!

He thinks theyre at the same level as the Sand, he thinks theyre weak?!

In an instant, all the clouds Shinobis become angry, and they all had a murderous expression on their faces as they were staring at Naito.

Naito was too lazy to pay attention to those Shinobis, they werent even qualified to interfere in this battle.

But these Shinobis didnt look like they were willing on just watching, their killing intent was all over the place, it felt a Deja-Vu as if he was in the battlefield of the Second War again.

Even the sky got filled with dark clouds which made the atmosphere more and duller.


Naito snorted, if he were really on the battlefield of the Second War, Naito would need to fight them all one by one.

But now…

Naito just kept standing in his place and glanced slightly around with a really cold stare.

Even the Raikage felt the chills from his eyes, he wasnt scared, it was actually his instinct telling him that something terrible was about to happen, and he needed to stop it.

Whatever what Naito is gonna do, Raikage can stop it with his speed, but what the former was about to do, wasnt a move, it was a thought!

“Spiritual… Shock!!!”

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