The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 211: Hell Stab!

The Spiritual Shock isnt the same as a Genjutsu, it condenses the momentum and the spiritual power of the user and blasts it in all directions in a violent way.

And Because this trick also uses the Shock, it doesnt only crush weak ninja, but it also does miraculous effect on the strong ones too.


Suddenly the Spiritual shock slammed the whole place.

The silent controlled the place for a moment, even the Clouds Shinobis didnt know what was happening, after all, the spiritual shock that Naito sent was invisible.

Suddenly the impact reached the sky, clearing it from those dark clouds.


There was no actual sign of attack, but they could feel that something just passed right through all of them as if it was a blowing gust of wind.

Suddenly, a lot of them had their expression changed.

Most of them looked as if they were resisting something.

Out of nowhere, they start to feel a very horrible pressure, that made some of them even scream in pain.

Some of the other guys felt like if they were about to faint out, even the Jonins, had a strong headache, and their minds get instantly chaotic.

Plop! Plop!!

Suddenly, the Shinobis start falling on the ground like raindrops.

One… Two… Hundreds of them just fall!

What a shocking scene!

The ones who were lucky enough to resist this Spiritual Shock looked stunned and scared, and their foreheads were full of cold sweat.

There were a few elites who managed to resist this attack, but they looked as horrified as the others, they were terrified from the effect of this attack itself.

What did Naito do?!

They didnt even see what he did, and immediately hundreds of ninjas fell!

What a shocking and incredible scene.

If he did something like this on the battlefield where there are thousands of people, wouldnt this crash an entire army?!

The Raikage could feel that something terrible was gonna happen and he wanted to stop it.

But stopping the Spiritual Shock is simply impossible.

Because, Naito was able to cast this technique by simply thinking about it, it almost the same thing as the Flying Thunder Technique, it cannot be stopped!

However, even the Raikage didnt think it will be this bad!


The Raikage, couldnt help but take a deep breath.

Although he could still sense the Chakra of those who fell, which mean that theyre not dead, yet this was very bad.

Because with this technique Naito can dominate an entire battlefield, he can get rid of a whole army!

He couldnt tell if Naito could control it and focus it only on enemies, because if he can do that, it will be perfect, and this will make him more and more like war weapon, a horrifying killing machine!

“All of you retreat and help the falling ones!”

“One more thing, none of you is allowed to come near me or interfere in this battle under any kind of circumstances!”

The Raikage took another deep breath, then he shouted these orders to his Shinobis.

On the other hand, Naito looked very calm, his eyes were flashing slightly, and he couldnt help but feel satisfied.

He could get rid of hundreds of people without even moving, even the elites were shocked, and they could no longer move.

Against this technique, even defensive Ninjutsu wont work!

Because this technique is not classified as Genjutsu, its a Soul Technique.

“Now we can fight without any more interfering.”

The look in his eyes itself was clearly revealing his intentions, Naito was declaring war on the Raikage.

He didnt choose to attack those falling ninjas and finish the job, but once again he faced the Raikage.

Because it was useless, the Raikage was as fast as Naito, perhaps the Fourth Raikage surpassed the Third in terms of speed. Still, the Third was very fast!

The Ninjas who practiced the Lightning Armor are always good at speed.

The Raikage would be able to stop Naito if he wanted to attack those ninjas.

Of course, Naito wasnt interested in slaughtering some weak Shinobis.

More precisely, Naito didnt really have anything against these people the same as the Ninjas of the other four major Villages, same as Konoha.

Naito will never look back at those weak people.

His eyes will always fall on those who are in front of him!

Naito want to surpass those people and move forward until theres no one but him!

“Youre really crazy, kid.”

The Raikage looked at Naito while his body was surging a crazy amount of Lightning.

“Not all the Kages are the same, you killed one, but that doesnt mean you can kill another, and especially me! Im way stronger than that Kazekage you killed!”

The Raikage looked very angry as he put his arm against his chest.

He stretched out his finger, and suddenly a horrible amount of lightning condensed on his four fingertips, in fact, this technique wasnt the same as the Raikiri, this one is much simpler.

And because of its simplicity, its more suitable for the Raikages fighting style!

The Raikages fighting style was similar to Naito, violent and straightforward.

And since this was his simplest technique, it was also the strongest.

The Hell Stab!

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