The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 214: Strongest Punch!

The Shock Force spread out under Naito punch smashing the entire mountain.

The Raikage got hit hard by this punch, but he tried to block its impact by folding his arm against his chest.


Under the strong impact, the Raikage suddenly flew out and crashed on the ground destroying the whole place.

“His attack power is very strong compared to the Hachibi… And its really hard to escape.”

The Lightning armor of the Raikage got almost destroyed, but by forcing his Chakra, it once again regained its shape.


Thunder suddenly start to fall from the sky smashing the entire place, Naito saw it and moved quickly avoiding it from hitting him.

After that he looked directly to the sky, then to the endless deep crack under his feet, it was obvious that Raikage was hiding there somewhere.

“What kind of secret Lightning release technique hes using? No… Theres no way that hes using a technique, Its actually the environment of the Clouds Village, and the Raikage is just controlling the natural lighting.”

Naito kept looking around, and under his Ultra Perceive, he could sense the Raikages location, and see that he already regained his Lightning Armor.

In other words, in the Cloud Village, the Raikage is a bit stronger than usual.

So what?!

Even if hes favorable by the location of the battlefield, Naito wasnt afraid, even if he could control the Natural Lightning, Naito will only need a punch to smash it all!


The ground started to tremble, and suddenly, the Raikage rashed from the wracks and jumped in front of Naito.

“You might have a stronger technique than my Hell Stab, but you cannot win against me, This Is The Cloud Village!”

The Raikage suddenly clenched his fist and once again extended his finger, and the horrible lightning suddenly formed a very sharp edge on the end of his fingertip.

Hell Stab, Ippon Nukit!

The Raikage was fearless, whether he was facing Naito or the Hachibi, his mind was always in a state of war!

Perhaps Naito didnt face anything that can be compared to the Hachibi, but Naito was also fearless, this was also a war to him!


At the next moment, Naito also threw a punch, once again it was a confrontation between the strongest spear and the strongest punch!

And again the Raikage flew out.

However, this time, the Raikage stopped in mid-air, while the rays of lightning flashing were flickering around his body.

Although he got blasted out, the Hell Stab weakened Naitos punch, which made it really hard on him to destroy the Raikages Lightning Armor.

“Sure enough, hes really tough, but… This what I am looking for!”

Looking at this scene, Naito didnt become disappointed, he actually smiled, Natio was actually excited.

Practicing this technique demands a tough opponent, and the Raikage proved that he was worthy enough!


Suddenly, the ground under Naitos feet collapsed, and the whole person disappeared, his figure turned into a residual image as he was rushing so fast toward the Raikage.


In an instant, Naito punched the Raikage again and sent him flying like a falling meteor.

The sky got full of dark clouds, the lightning was falling, while Naito was floating there in the air letting these arcs hit his body, although Naito couldnt use it enhance his power, this lightning wasnt enough to hurt him!

Without hesitation, Naito once again caught up to the Raikage who was falling toward the ground and hit him with another punch.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Naito kept punching him, and Raikage kept falling, even if he could resist those punches the impact kept pushing him down.

Naito kept pushing the Raikage until he drove him out to another location.

It was an extremely high mountain, surrounded by clouds.

Naito could no longer push him back because the whole place was surrounded by other mountains, and even if he kept attacking him, they would just crash to these endless mountains.

The battlefield was finally fixed on this mountain!

The Clouds Ninjas kept watching the fight, witnessing how their Raikage was getting a beating by Naito and didnt know what to do.

It was not until the Raikage and Naito were about to leave their sight, they thought about following them.

However, they were too afraid, so they didnt dare to get too close!

The reflection of the lightning of the Raikage or the Shock force of Naito is enough to kill them all.

Compared to Naito and the Raikage, they felt like they were some little ants, who werent even worth to watch from a close location!

“I didnt think that I will live to see the day were someone surpass the Third Raikage…” The perceptive ninja kept sensing the two men power level and couldnt help but whisper these words.


One of them took over and looked to the peak of the mountain where the roaring and the shattering was continually getting stronger.

On the other hand, even the Anbu Captain who also received the news and came over, was standing far away, even he wasnt qualified to interfere in this battle, he could only watch.

“This kind of destructive power it even surpass the one of the Raikage against the Hachibi… Shit! Everyone needs to retreat!”

The Anbu captain looked shocked for a moment, then without any more hesitation, he ordered the other to retreat.

The moment they heard him, the others immediately reacted and retreated in fear!

Suddenly, everyone saw a figure flying in the air so fast and crashing to a mountain.


The entire mountain got destroyed, and the Raikage suddenly rushed out clenching his teeth attacking Naito again.

“I cannot believe this, it as if youre physical strength has no limits!”

“Its not limited, but what I have is enough to kill you.”

Naito calmly looked at the Raikage rushing over toward him, and once again he clenched his fist and sent him flying.

Time after time, Naito kept bombarding the Raikage with his fist, while his Shock Force was getting more stronger every time.

Naito finally reached the power where he can destroy both the Raikages One finger Hell Stab and the Lightning Armor, and suddenly, the Raikages strong defense… looked no longer strong!

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