The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 214: Strongest Punch!

ompletely different from the previous one, it looked as if it doesnt have power.

However, the moment that fist fell, the whole place started trembling!


Horrible fragmentation traces spread out to the distance from the very end of Naitos fist, like a silk thread, it directly swept toward the Raikage.

The Raikage looked very shocked, for a whole day and night fighting with Naito he never saw anything like this, however, once again he was ready to use the Hell Stab to stop this attack.

However, the power of this attack was overwhelming, it was actually stronger than anything else Naito did!

At least 30% stronger!

No matter how many times Naito attacked him, the Raikage has always managed to block his attack, yet he wasnt gonna give up this easily, the Raikage used the other hand, but still, he couldnt stop it!

The Shock Force kept pushing its way through his Hell Stab.

Suddenly his fingers got broken!

The Shock Force hit him so hard that even his Lightning Armor could no longer withstand its power, Suddenly, it got smashed and directly fell on his body!

At the last moment, the Raikage finally understood.

Yuu Naito… Could kill him from the start!

Naito was just controlling his power enough to surpass him but not hurt him, to get stronger!

“It turned out to be this way.”

“I got defeated…”

There was a hint of conviction in the Raikages eyes before he closed them.


His body got bombarded by the impact of the Shock Force, the blood splashed all over the place as he got crashed on a mountain!

Looking at how the Raikage got completely smashed, Naito slowly recovered his fist to its initial state, then he gently shook his head.

With his power now, theres no need for him to use the Hakai to destroy the so-called absolute defense of the Third Raikage!

“The Shock Force and The Shock wave are completely two different things…”

“The power of the Shock Force is always violent and destructing, it turns everything into dust.”

“However the Shock waves can cut through anything, even its fragmentation is extremely flat, except for the Kuzure technique, the cuts are always clean.”

Now he fully understands his abilities.

In other words, now he mastered the Fourth Stage of the Shock Power to its extreme degree!

“The next is the Fifth Stage.”

Naito glanced calmly with his eyes around while he muttered these words to himself.

After that, Naito turned around and walked gently, after a few steps, he started to send some turbulent force out.

After all, Naito wasnt gonna leave before he pays his respect and gives the Raikage a proper burial.

One step, two steps, three steps…

The power of these turbulent forces kept blasting the ground so hard, the mountain was full of cracks, and it was bearly standing firm from the beginning, and under these terrible earthquakes, it collapsed!


Under the horrified and shocked gazes of countless of the Cloud Shinobis, not one, but a chain of mountains collapsed burying everything under it!

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