The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 215: Collapse and Wracks


“Also assassinating is not suitable to his abilities, hes gonna get detected immediately.”

Listening to Danzo, Sarutobi couldnt help but frown.

Although they had hidden spies in the Cloud Village, they find it really hard, to keep undercover, even though they were basically living like ordinary people.

Moreover, there was no information about Naito.

Danzo faintly glanced at Sarutobi, and with a cold tone he said: “Maybe he didnt go to the Cloud Village, maybe he abandoned the Village and turned into a Missing-nin.”

“Theres no way!”

“How can you be so sure? Sarutobi, he might be out of control kid, but hes no fool, he sees it very well, Naito know what kind of situation he has in Konoha.”

Danzo snorted and said: “It seems he doesnt really care about the Kyuubis monster after all, maybe you should…”

“Shut up!”

As soon as he heard the word Danzo said to describe Kushina, Sarutobi got really angry.

Kushina was from the Uzumaki Clan, and Konoha had a very close relationship with them at the past before the whole Clan got destroyed, and Sarutobi wouldnt let anyone disrespect them or anyone from their Clan.

This was the line for Sarutobi.

And of course, he wasnt gonna give Kushina to Danzo so he can use her as he wants.


Danzo snorted and stood up.

“This not like you Sarutobi, youre too indecisive!”

Danzo was really straightforward with his words, although this wasnt really true, Sarutobi made a lot of important decisions that made Konoha a better place, and stronger through the years.

However, in the original, Sarutobi let go of Orochimaru, and that led to his death later, it was indeed a bad stain in his life.

After finishing this sentence, Danzo was ready to turn around and leave, Since Sarutobi was really clear about not giving him the Kyuubis Jinchuriki, and he didnt look like he was gonna say anything back to Danzo.

Listening to Danzo, Sarutobi just kept frowning and didnt know what he should say back.

In the next moment, an Anbu suddenly appeared in the Hokage Office.

The Anbu banded a knee to Sarutobi, and quickly said: “Hokage-Aama, emergency information from the Cloud Village!”

This sentence, made Danzo freeze in his place after he was about one step out of the Hokage Office, and made Sarutobis mind on the other hand in a mess.

“Yuu Naito attacked the Third Raikage, they had a great fight in the Cloud Village.”

“The two of them kept fighting for a day and night.”

The Anbu quickly delivered the information he had.

When he heard these words, Danzo who was about to leave got stunned, and his expression looked very terrified.

Naito really chose to attack the Raikage heads on?!

He didnt know if he was just a mad man, or very confident? But he never thought he will dare to attack the Raikage!

“Whats the result of the fight?!”

Listening to the Anbus report, Sarutobi was also surprised, he didnt expect Naito to really start a fight with the Raikage.

However, what he really wanted to know wasWho Won!

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