The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 217: Final Stage!

king his whole body numb, but Naito wasnt trying to avoid it, he didnt even move, or use his shocks to stop it from hitting his body.

He was letting those terrifying arc of lightning hit his body.

The environment was getting worse every time, Naito was using his body as the core of this lightning storm, every time he got hit by a bolt of falling lightning, he was sending it back to the sky, turning it stronger.

Naito was actually making his own environment!

But it was difficult to make such weather in the Land of fire, even if he artificially created this lightning storm, it will not last long.

Since the environment is not comparable to the Land of Lightning.

The Third Stage cultivation method is extremely simple, but its also very difficult, and almost no one can do it!

Just how many ninjas out there can make their own environment?

In the original, Sasuke draws natural lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of his strike and controls it with chakra, to create the Kirin Technique.

But this is nothing compared to the Third Stage, it requires a stronger physical power since the natural lightning is actually going throughout the users body!

Not everyone can reach this stage, only people like Naito, the Third, and the Fourth Raikage can go to this extent!

Although this environment is the best to cultivate the Third Stage, how many in the Land of Lightning are practicing the Third Stage! How many could even reach the second!

First of all, you need a great amount of Chakra to practice this kind of techniques, the user needs to be at the Level of a Kage!

The amount of Naitos Chakra is obviously not up to the standards, but since he mastered the second stage, and the reverse Hachimon Tonkou was restoring his Chakra every time, he could still practice it normally.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lightning flashed and hit Naitos body, and suddenly a lightning coat that looked similar to the one the Third had appeared on Naito body.

The lightning Chakra property was condensing and enhancing Naitos body.

Each time it gets hit by the lightning Naitos body was getting stronger.

It has been three months.

In these past three months, Naito put aside the spiritual cultivation and focused on the Third Stage, since its progressing was very fast!

The Standards are truly very high, but practicing it still quite simple.

Most people cannot reach these kinds of standards, but as long as you have it, the cultivation is very simple, thats why Naito was stunned when he first saw the method of this cultivation.


The thunderstorm kept getting stronger, and more violent and suddenly it started destroying the whole place!

Naito sent a shock wave out of his body.

Suddenly, the sky started getting clearer, and the clouds began to disappear gradually.

After he took a deep breath, Naito slowly opened his eyes.

“The progressing is somewhat getting slower, it seems that this stage is the same as before, the more you practice it, the slower its progression get, after all, everything has a limit.”

“If this is wasnt the case, the Third Raikage would have been invincible.”

Still, Naitos physical power was getting stronger, which made him happy.

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