The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 22: One Punch

Minato saw Naito the moment he entered the main field.

he was a little bit surprised.

It was Naito, the one who was faster than him.

Well, Naito managed to defeat Uchiha Izumi after all.

While he was thinking about whether he greet him or not, the third and the fourth winner also entered the field.

At the same time, a big audience came the main field, some parents and some of the students who lost in the first rounds, each one seated to watch the upcoming fights.

The upcoming fight, of course, is gonna be the most exciting ones.

The crowd is going bigger more and more.

Finally, all the winner of the four sub-fields has been determined.

You cant be in the top rank unless you win four straight wins.

If you lost one, even if there is others victories, you cant pass to the last round.

That way, we have only ten students in the last round.

Some of them fought bitter battles but most of them had easy fights like Minato and Naito.

“its already here.”

Looking at the top ten students, Sarutobi was very happy.

Those kids are the future of Konoha!

“The arrangements have been completed.”

A Ninja came to Sarutobi to give him a report about the exam.

Sarutobi give them a sign, to let them begin.

However, at the same moment, something interrupted the exam!

Something was happening in the field.

Walking with his stick, toward the place where the Hokage is seating.

At the same time, a ninja brought a chair over there.

Its Danzo!!

“Oh, I didnt expect you to catch in time.” Sarutobi with slightly shining eyes.

“Those are the future of Konoha, of course, I will be in time.”

Danzo sat down beside Sarutobi.

Old fox!

Sarutobi knew immediately the true purpose behind his presence here.

There is no doubt that its about selecting some worth gifted kids to join the roots


But as long as things are not serious, Sarutobi will only keep an eye on Danzou.

Danzo took a glance at the ten top students, then he reached the cup on the table, and start to run his mouth.

“They are still young and naive, but some of them will be a great use.”

“Every young naive eagle grow wing and fly someday.”

Sarutobi smiled, and then directly gave the sign to the examiner.

The examiner nodded then suddenly appeared in the middle of the field.

“Come here and prove that you are the best one”

“The Hokage personally is here to see you.”

“Show everything you got to get the attention of the Hokage!”

At that moment, the main event officially began!

Minato, Naito and the other, draw randomly there next opponent.

“The first fight, Yuu Naito against Hyuga Satsuna!”

While looking at the list, the examiner announced the first fight.

It triggered all the attention.

Even Danzo was a little bit interested.

“Yuu Naito…. …isnt that the kid who challenged Uchiha Samui to a duel?”

“That kid he got guts, or maybe hes just stupid.”

Some Ninjas was slightly interested in the next fight, they were looking at Naito, to see his reaction.

In fact, these Ninjas was here to choose in advance the students to their teams


Winners who got qualified are basically the top students, they cannot be classified at the same level as the other students, of that reason when they graduate they will get separated in order to balance the teams.

“The first game is him, Id like to see his abilities, he even beat Minato in the term of speed.”

Jiraiya heard that and he was very angry he wanted to beat the hell out of them.

Looking at him, Tsunade felt very embarrassed while she was pulling him out but she couldnt he was dragging her with him.

Orochimaru was very lazy to interfere he calmly leaned against the wall with his eyes focusing on the field.


Naito a Satsune stepped in the middle of the field.

Minato and the other was watching on the sidelines.

Satsune was staring at Naito.

Of course, he heard about Naito, and as a child of a big family, these matters are more sensitive to him.

Finally, he said with pity: “Unfortunately, you werent born as one of the main familys in Konoha… those damn Uchiha, cant even look to us in the eyes.

“Are you showing your superiority through the name of your family?”

Naito said that looking to Satsune.

Suddenly he shook his head then said, “No, I just think that you can be considered very good, but I must win this fight, so I just wanted to make you happy before I kill you.”


This sentence made Naito immediately clench his fist.

I just wanted to make you happy before I kill you, how can he say that!

“Do you think you won?”

“Of course! you only use Taijutsu, and Taijutsu is our thing… simply no one can win against us when it comes to Taijutsu.”

Sasune looked very confident.

With the Byakugan combined with the Gentle Fist fighting style, in terms of the physical power the Hyuga are one of the strongest families in Konoha, its true that even the Uchiha avoid them.

“The first fight, start!”

When both were ready, the examiner announced the beginning of the fight.

Satsune took the famous stance of the Hyuga clan.

“This is our fighting style, Gentle fist.”

“In term of style, I think its a little to difficult for you to defeat me.”

The crowd felt the same way, then they start to whisper.

Especially those who knew, that the Gentle fist user can close the opponent Chakra Pathway System, and once it closed you lose.

Everyone was thinking about the moves he will pull to fight against one of the Hyuga.

But they didnt expect that hes fighting style is much simpler.

There is no gentle about it, no extra moves, nor any tedious process.

Its one step forward, and PUNCH!

Closing my chakra path and all that shit about Gentle fist, I just need to blast one punch!

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