The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 220: Own Monument!

The clothes of these four werent too suitable to Naito, but at least he was no longer naked, anyway, he could find a new one when he hit a nearby town.

Naito was too lazy to destroy the corpses, after he changed his clothes, he turned his head and looked to the mountain.

Naito couldnt see anything because of the clouds surrounding the mountain.

However, using his Ultra Perceive, Naito could see everything clear around him, and the range of this technique got incredibly bigger than before.

The reason for this should be to his fight with the Third Raikage, during that fight Naitos momentum got enhanced, causing his mental power to become stronger, which also made his soul stronger.

The will of the person is the key to strengthen his mental power.

And since his mental power got stronger, his Spiritual Shock technique also got stronger, even an elite can no longer resist it.

“Okay, Its time to go down.”

Naito looked at the clouds around him, then he smirked and suddenly jumped directly to the bottom of the mountain!


It seemed as if a meteor was falling from the sky cutting through the endless clouds, the moment he landed on the ground, the impact made a loud roar, and the ground suddenly cracked.

Naito stood up and stretched his body again with a satisfied expression on his face.

When he killed those four Shinobis from the Cloud, he felt that his body was much lighter than before, but now after he jumped from the mountain, Naito also felt that his body was much stronger.

These three months of training were almost worth two years of physical exercises!

Soon after he left, Naito came to a small town and changed his clothes after heborrowed some money from a few other Shinobis.

Later, Naito was surprised by some news, the world has actually thought he was dead?!

No wonder those shinobis looked as if they saw a ghost, they thought that he has died along with Third Raikage!

Naito suddenly felt annoyed.

At the same, he couldnt help but smile a bit, he couldnt blame them, he didnt report back to the Village, Kushina should be worried to death by now.

This world is not the same as the one he came from, people here dont lie when it comes to love, they would risk their lives for the people they love, and Kushina should be so sad now thinking that Naitos death was her own fault.

“Its indeed time to go back.”

Naito looked one last time at the mountain in the distance, then he turned and left.

All the way back, although the Clouds were blocking all the roads, it was impossible for them to stop Naito.

In fact, the Clouds were blocking all the roads to the Villages, because they were trying to hide the truth about the death of the Third Raikage.

Even after they finally found his body, the kept denying the fact that he was dead, they were trying to spread some other rumors, for example, some people were saying that the Hachibi has run away and the Raikage went out to capture him.

There were too many other rumors like this.

Naito was too lazy to pay attention to these rumors, he got what he wanted, Naito killed the Third Raikage and got the secrets of the Third Stage, and practiced it for three months, Naito was more than satisfied with what he achieved.

On the way back to Konoha, Naito checked out the Black Market, he wasnt expecting much, once again all the information they had were about that guy namedBlood Hand.

During the period Naito was doing his training, theBlood Hand appeared in the Cloud and assassinated some high-level members, and after he successfully did some other missions, he retired!

When he got this news, Naito was a bit stunned.

It was a pity that all of this happened when he was focusing on his training.

Now finding him will be more difficult than before.

And Naito suspected that these tasks were giving by Konoha and of course Danzo.

“Forget it, there will always be other opportunities in the future, I already got the secrets of the Third Stage, I cannot be too greedy.”

After shaking his head, Naito left the Clouds Black Market, this time, he didnt make any other stops and went straight to the Land of Fire.

The Land of Fire has expended their territories on the accounts of both the Rock and the Clouds, the two villages were trying their hard to resist Konohas invasion, but even the former wasnt taking big moves, so there wasnt any big fight over these territories.

Im afraid that when the Rock and the Clouds end their conflicts, they will be able to focus on getting their territories back.

“Its been a long time since I left, its almost half a year.”

Looking at the Village from a distance Naito showed a light smile, but he also felt a complicated feeling in his heart.

Naito was too lazy to judge the Village any more.

The only reason why he was considering this place as his home is that, on the one hand, Kushina was here, and on the other side, is the familiarity of the Village to Naito.

Although it has many dark places inside it, it was a bit more like a home than any other place in the world.

He just didnt know how long this feeling will last…

With a sigh in his heart, Naito slowly walked toward the Village, stepping through the protecting barrier that was covering the whole village.

Passing through this enchantment didnt cause any changes since it will only work when an enemy cross it.

But it was impossible to precise exactly who has crossed it.

Especially when its Naito, since he could restrain his aura and chakra to the level of an ordinary person.

The return of Naito didnt attract the attention of the perceptive ninjas.

After he passed through the barrier and then a little more, he finally reached the Main Gate of the Village, and tried casually to enter the village

Naito didnt try to hide.

At this time of the day, a lot of people were going in and out of the village.

During this war period, Konoha was the safest place, so many businessmen choose it as a temporary shelter, and some others were hiring Konohas Ninjas as their bodyguards.

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