The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 220: Own Monument!

side Konoha, in a quiet place.

The place was very quiet, and far away from the lively streets of Konoha, this place was to commemorate the dead.

Konohas Ashura, Yuu Naito.

A separate monument was standing there, and a person was twitching his mouth in front of it.

That person was Naito himself.

Naito was looking at his own monument for a long time then he couldnt help but say.

“The hell is this!!!”

Naito already know about how they thought that he was dead, but to go this far and make him a monument!

What a pain.

Naito couldnt even describe how annoying it was to see in front of him his own monument.


Suddenly, he sent a shock wave from his hand destroying the entire monument into pieces.

This movement caused the attention of a ninja who was guarding the place and came over in an instant.

“Hey? What are you doing!!”

The moment he saw the monument the ninja became really angry.

It got broken again!

When it first established, it got destroyed by Tsunade, then another time by Kushina, but they couldnt say anything, because they couldnt help but feel sad for them, they were just angry about the news, but now it got destroyed again!

Naito was a hero, they admired and respected him, but his monument got destroyed for the third time now, and the guy couldnt help but feel insulted.

However, other people didnt think about Naito the same way.

Suddenly, another guy appeared, he was also guarding the place, and he was carrying the Uchihas symbol on his back.

“What can I say, he didnt deserve it from the start, and here it got destroyed for the third time.”

The ninja from the Uchiha couldnt help but laugh, he was only here because he got assigned by the village to guard it; otherwise, he would have destroyed it by his hand.

The ninja kept laughing until he suddenly stopped, and his expression suddenly changed.

The Hell!!!

None from the entire Uchiha Clan would ever forget that stupid face.

And the man in front of him… Had that face! Naitos face!!

Besides that guy, the other ninjas from Konoha looked all surprised.

They were furious because Naitos monument got destroyed, they all took their weapons out and were prepared to attack the guy who was responsible for this, but they suddenly saw Naitos face, and without noticing the weapons in their hand suddenly fell on the ground.

Some of them couldnt help but blink.

“No… This is impossible…”

“Who are you! And how dare you use Naito-Dono as disguise!!”

Some people had an incredible look on their faces, while others stared at Naito while their killing intent was all over the place.

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