The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 222: End Of The War!


Naito looked really pissed at the way the other Shinobis tried to gank him.

But he couldnt attack his own people, he could only stare at them with a really cold look.

The place was dark, Naito was using his Ultra Perceive to sense them, and he couldnt help but notice that guy from the Uchiha and how he was laughing!

Hes laughing because Naitos monument got destroyed, is it a matter to laugh?


Without thinking twice, Naito stared at the Uchiha guy and snorted.

The level Naito has reached allowed him to control the Spiritual Shock and condense it to hit one target instead of doing area damage to the whole place.


The Uchiha member suddenly felt a horrible force crushing him, his mind started roaring, and he felt that his head is going to explode.

Under this terrifying pain, he activated his Sharingan, he thought that this was a Genjutsu, and he tried to resist it.

But in the next moment, that horrible force got stronger, and instantly the guy fall on his knees, feeling nothing but fear and horror, with one stare Naito destroyed the guys spirit!

“This will teach you to know your place.”

Naito took a last glance at him then he shook his head casually.

After that, Naito looked at the other Shinobis in front of him.

Naito didnt target them with his spiritual shock, still, it exposed a horrible momentum that left them in fear.

But this only normal, after all, from one look the guy beside them crushed on the ground!

After he shook his head, Naito didnt feel like talking to them, and just disappeared in the air.

The Shinobis kept looking at each other in disbelieve.

“Did he just… disappeared?!”

“What the hell!!”

“Not anyone can reveal such momentum, and that speed… Is it possible that this guy is really Yuu Naito?!”

The Shinobis almost forget the Uchiha guy who was shaking next to them, and all froze in their places with an unbelievable look in their eyes.

Naito-Dono… Is still alive!


At Naitos home.

The place was really clean; there was no dust while someone was sitting quietly in the room.

After the announcement of Naitos death and the establishing of his monument, Kushina moved directly to his house.

The house wasnt gonna stay empty forever; someone will eventually take it.

Perhaps in the modern world, this is something difficult to understand, but in this world, where people die every day, this kind of thing is normal.

Kushina couldnt stand the idea of someone else living in Naitos house, so she moved directly before anyone else take advantage of it.

She took his house so she can wait for him to come back.

Kushina felt asleep on the table in front of her.

You could see how much she was tired physically and emotionally just from looking at her face; after all, the blow she took in her heart was really hard.


The door was gently opened, Naito could feel that Kushina was in the house, so he didnt want to make any noises and disturb her, he closed the door so quietly and walked in.

Naito came close to Kushina and looked at her.

He couldnt find Kushina in her house, actually, some other people were living in it, he felt slightly surprised, but it wasnt unexpected.

Because the moment he thought about the reason she decided to move in her, Naito gently felt touched in his heart.

No, such a thing will never be forgotten, he could even feel it in soul!

Naitos real age is actually not the same as Kushina, its enough to be her big brother.

For a long time, Naito felt like he should treat her like a sister, but since he saved her, something changed.

Do I love her?

The crazy beating in his heart was enough to be the answer.

He couldnt help but touch her cute sleepy face.

Kushina was from the Uzumaki Clan, and she was also the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, although she couldnt control its Chakra, her perception for the outside world was quite strong.

With some confused eyes, she woke up.

She recognized the face in front of her from the first glance, it was the face that she cried her self every night to sleep to see, yet she didnt look happy.

Although it has been a long time, yet Naito never left her, he appeared every night in her dreams.

“Am I dreaming again?”

Kushina couldnt resist the feeling in her heart as she extended her hand to touch Naito.

However, before she could even reach his face, Naito gently caught it.

“Wake up you sleepy-head, wanna go grab something to bite together?”

Holding her hand with one hand, he expended the other and pinched her on her cheek.

Kushina suddenly stood up and looked at Naito.

Then she rushed so fast toward him as she was afraid that hes gonna disappear and with her whole strength she tightened her arms around him as if she wanted to melt him inside her and never get separated again.

“Dont cry…”

Naito helplessly smiled, although he couldnt see her face, he could tell that she was crying.

At the same time, he could feel two soft things on his chest.


“Wow, they become really big, it seems you grew up a lot in the few months that I was left!”

Suddenly Naito smirked, and came close to her ear and said these words.

In the midst of that surprise and the emotional return of Naito, she suddenly heard these words, and the whole atmosphere was gone.

Suddenly her cheeks became so red, and let got of Naito and stared at him.

Couldnt you just say anything else but this to comfort her?!

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