The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 223: Two ninjutsu!

“Am sorry, I get uncomfortable in these kinds of situations, but…”

Naito smiled at her, then he suddenly stepped forward, and hugged her really tight.

Kushina wanted to say something, but suddenly she widened her eyes, as Naitos hands held her close to him, she looked really shy, Kushina tried to resist it, but she had no more strength left in her to do so.

For a long time, the two of them kept hugging each other, as if there no one and nothing in this world but them.

Even though she didnt want to get apart from him, her cheeks were really red, biting her lips, Kushina kept looking at Naito helplessly and didnt know what to say for a while.


“Come from the person who moved to my home without permission.”

Naito looked at her then smiled, then the look on his face changed to a slyly one and said: “So… do wanna do something since were alone?”


Kushinas face got redder, and she couldnt help but say: “So-So-mething!”

“Well, you live in my house, dont you think you should pay me back by doing something for me?”

Suddenly whirlpools appeared in her eyes, and smoke came out of her head, and Naito couldnt help but laugh at her.


Kushina could no longer keep this conversation, so she couldnt help but turn her back to him.

Upon seeing this, Naito smiled.

After waiting for a long time, Kushina didnt feel any movements from Naito, and suddenly she got really worried, she feared that this was another dream, and couldnt help but to turn around really fast.

But as soon as she turned around, she got shocked by how much Naitos face was close to her.

Kushina suddenly took a step back, while Naito took a dumb stance and pointed his finger straight at her saying: “Hahaha, as I thought you couldnt hold yourself from kissing this handsome guy.”


Kushina suddenly became really angry, she clenched her small fist and rushed directly toward Naito.

Suddenly that sorrow in her heart disappeared, and everything turned back to what it was.

After a while of playfulness, Kushina finally calmed down and went straight to the kitchen after Naito begged her to cook something for him.

Naito really missed these days, where Kushina was preparing his launch every day, without mentioning that her food was delicious.

Maybe it wasnt that good at first, but she worked very hard to learn.

After eating, Naito didnt try to do anything else, he just wanted to stay with her.

The time passed really fast.

During this time, the entire village was in chaos, the Shinobis were sweeping the whole place up and down.

Whether it was Sarutobi, the Anbu, or even the civilians, they were all in shock.

The reason behind this was a small message.

Konohas Ashura… Come Back!

Just a while ago his death was certain, they even made him a monument, that what made everyone feels shocked.

After hearing this news, even Minato was shocked, but he couldnt help but smile, after all, Naito was a ninja could never be surpassed.

Tsunade got the news, and rushed directly into Naitos home, she didnt care about the fact that Kushina should be with him right now, she only wanted to beat him up.

Naito helplessly discovered how the girls in his life are all violent…

However, this time, Kushina stopped Tsunade, at first she had those crazy eyes, but the moment she saw him, Tsunade felt really happy.

Naito was really happy she stopped, the only girl he cannot play carelessly with is Tsunade!

Fortunately, Kushina managed to talk some sense into her, after she stopped her, they resumed the normal talks, otherwise, once she has those crazy eyes, she wont stop before the whole village is smashed.

Some people were really happy, and of course, others werent happy.

The Uchiha Clan were really angry about this news.

The vibes around the room were the Clans elders were gathering was really horrifying!

“Why didnt you just die, why is that damn guy is not dead!”

All of them had those red and bloody eyes as they were talking about Naitos return.


Danzo was leading his root ninjas to hide in a mountain somewhere between the Rock and the Cloud borders.

The two villages want to talk, and Danzo is secretly planning on ruining this joint discussion.

“If something happens to the team that the Clouds sent on the way, the Rock will be the ones who will get the blames for this, even if we couldnt destroy them completely, they will still blame the Rocks for this, so we need to dress up like the Rocks Shinobis.”

Danzo looked at his ninjas, then he snorted as he had a really cold stare in his eyes.

“We should use the death of their Raikage to our advantage, we need to keep the war from ending.”

Having said this, Danzo stopped and took a sip of water from a kettle.

At that moment, a ninja suddenly rushed over.

“Danzo-Dono, urgent information!”

“Yuu Naito is not dead, and he returned to Konoha!”


This was the sound of the kettle falling down on the ground.

Danzo looked very confused while the expression of the Root ninjas was a cold as always looking at this scene.


The news kept spreading through the village, then throughout the Land of fire, then finally it reached the entire world!

The speed of its spreading was horrifying, in almost no time, the whole world heard about this news.

This news overturned the conclusion of everyone, Naito wasnt dead after all, which shocked a lot of people, including the Mizukage and the Tsuchikage!

Naito didnt just end up dying fighting the Raikage, but he killed him and survived!

He killed a Kage before, but everyone convinced themselves that it was just luck and the Kazekage was just weak.

But now he killed the second, which can no longer be considered as luck, theres only one explanation for this.

That is Naito is very strong, very powerful, and almost invincible!

When this news spread, on the top of Konohas Ashura, Naito gradually got a second title the God of Shinobi! (T/N: Japanese: Shinobi no Kami: God of Shinobi // English TV: The Supreme Shinobi)

Gods are the supreme natures, and they couldnt find any other word to describe a guy like Naito but to call him a God!

Hanzo was once the man that has been called a Demi-God, but Naito showed that he was stronger, and has surpassed him!

As for Hanzo, after he got the news, he also looked stunned, finally, he took a deep breath, and revealed a bizarre look in his eyes.

He once fought against Naito, a few years ago, the former was strong, but he absolutely did not have such a power, if the three Sannins werent there to help, Hanzo is sure he could kill Naito.

But now, Naito is much stronger, which gave him a horrible feeling, perhaps if they fight again, Naito will be able to beat him, and even kill him!

“Konohas ninjas are always difficult to deal with.”

Hidden in some place in the Land of Rain he looked to the direction of the Land of Fire.

These words were also the words that the other Kages said.

With the news of Naitos return, the Land of Fire began to look strong again.

None of the other Villages had the intention to try their luck with them again, all of them asked for a peaceful meeting, and paid a high price to the Land of Fire to finally calm down the war.

At this point, the Second World War was finally over!

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