The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 224: Orochimaru!

ly related to some of my body modification experiments.”

Orochimaru closed the scroll then swallowed it and looked at Naito again.

Theres no doubt that what Naito has just given him is the Secrets of the Third Stage.

Orochimaru was the one who gave him the scroll of the second stage, and now Naito gave him the third, he didnt think it will be very useful to him, but from his tone, it seems hes interested in it.

“What was your purpose behind giving me that scroll before?”

Naito asked him directly, he was too lazy to play mind games with Orochimaru.


Orochimaru smiled then said: “Some people didnt want you to get it, I didnt like that, and I didnt like to stay neutral.”

“Now that I think about, my approach wasnt wrong after all, with the scroll you brought to me, you helped me more than I helped you before.”

Orochimaru laughed inexplicably, but after he talked with him for a while, Naito started to get used to it.

But to think that Orochimaru will be this grateful to Naito for bringing him this scroll surprised him a little bit.

After all, the lightning armor is not suitable to Orochimarus style.

“Do you need it for your experiments?”

“Of course.”

Orochimaru smiled then he suddenly walked to a room.

Naito raised one brow slightly then he followed him.

Orochimaru was capturing some ordinary people and enemies from other villages in this room, it seemed that Orochimaru didnt start doing experiments on Konohas Shinobis yet, after all, he had a great opportunity during the war to catch these people.

At the end of this room, there was another door leading to another place where he was doing some other tests on animals.

“I dont know if Naito-San has heard about it, theres another energy in this world different to the one that the ninjas are using.”

Orochimarus sentence has almost let Naito blurt it out.

Natural Energy!

At the same time, Naito was a little bit surprised that Orochimaru was interested in the Natural Energy this early, although he never managed to learn how to use it.

Mount Myoboku, Ryuchi Cave, and Shikkotsu Forest these three places have their own sacred techniques, and they all were mentioned in the original, although the Shikkotsu Forest has kept unexplored.

During the Fourth World War, Kabuto managed to learn Natural Energy and surpassed Orochimaru.

However, Naito estimated that Orochimaru couldnt reach the level that allows him to do the transformation because his body was weak after his hands were sealed by the Third!

Without mentioning that changing his body has also weakened his soul.

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