The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 225: Two Things!

ard Naito and came really close to him then said: “See, am always busy doing these experiments, studying the body is consuming all of my time, but sometimes I need to stop the experiments to get some special things.”

“From now on, you will get those things to me.”

Listening to Orochimaru, Naito suddenly smiled, then laughed a little after that.

Orochimaru… From where does this all confidence come from?


Suddenly, Naito disappeared, and rushed directly to Orochimarus back, while he was pointing his sword on the formers shoulder.

The speed of this movement, made Orochimarus eyes widen, while the cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

So fast!!

“You and me, can we really establish a partnership?”

Holding his Kusanagi sword, Naito touched Orochimarus shoulder slightly, while Orochimaru kept standing calmly without making the slightest of movement.

If Orochimaru were as strong as the original, Naito would have accepted the cooperation between the two of them.

But the current Orochimaru was still too weak compared to Naito!

If the gap between the two is too great, the word “cooperation” cannot be used. Moreover, Orochimaru is too selfish, and he will eventually try to control everything.

“I have what you need.”

Orochimaru turned slowly toward Naito while his tone was still calm.

But Naito could tell from his expression that he was still stunned from his speed. With this kind of speed, he may not even be able to cast a Ninjutsu!

Naito currently looks more and more like the legends, Uchiha Madara, and Senju Hashirama!

Naito didnt recover his sword yet, he was still pointing it toward Orochimaru.

“You will give it to me.”

“But its not completed yet, even if you take it, it wont help you much.”

Listening to Orochimaru, Naito stared at him for a while then he took back his sword.

Orochimaru was finally relieved.

He discovered at this time that his thoughts about Naito were absolutely wrong.

Naito is not the kind of person that will let people manipulate him, hes a dangerous man, even more dangerous than Danzo and Sarutobi!

He didnt feel it before, for the sake of his experiments Orochimaru thought that he could face anything and everything, but now in the face of Naito, he must be cautious, too cautious!

“You can ask for two things.”

After the Kusanagi sword disappeared in the smoke, he looked back at Orochimaru calmly.

“Two things?”

Orochimaru looked a little bit surprised, Naito is already asking him for too much!

And judging from Naitos tone, it seems that theres more.

“In addition to the need of your studies on strengthing the soul, I also need an Earth Release Ninjutsu, the Added-Weight Rock Technique, if you can bring it to me, then you can ask for two things.”

Naito looked calmly at Orochimaru as he proposed a simple equivalent exchange.

As long as Orochimaru doesnt do anything, and respect Naito, the former will also treat him with respect, thats Naitos rule.

“The Added-Weight Rock Technique? Thats good, if it were the Light-Weight Rock Technique, I wouldnt have it here. I studied that technique before… So I got it.”

Orochimaru was curious about the reason that Naito needed this technique for, but with no more questions, he just gave it to Naito.

After that, Orochimaru didnt say what he needed back for his services, maybe he just didnt need anything for now.

Therefore, Naito turned and left.

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