The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 227: Shadow!

After he got the Added-Weight Rock Technique from Orochimaru Naito returned and began to practice the Earth property.

In general, its really hard to learn all properties, the Third Hokage Sarutobi managed to master all five of them, so he deserved to be named The Professor.

It seems simple, but its a really long way to master all of them.

Fortunately, Naitos control over Chakra is extremely powerful.

Therefore, Naitos talent in Ninjutsu is really stronger than others, which is another advantage of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

Its a pity that Naito tried to help Tsunade to open the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, but failed, those who dont have the Earthquake Release cannot succeed, even if its Tsunade.

If Tsunade didnt master the Reserve Seal, she would have been seriously injured in the process.

After spending a week of hard training, Naito successfully cultivated the Earth property, after that, he spent another to master it.

If it were anyone else, they wouldnt be able to do such a thing in a month, even if they practice it for even half a year, they will not be able to master Chakra Property that theyre not born to have.

But for Naito, he still felt that the process was too slow.

Although during this one and a half month period, Naito didnt forget to do his physical training along with the practice of the new Chakra property, the effect was almost zero.

This made Naito determine that he should focus on the Added-Weight Technique in order to resume his physical training, even if it takes a half year or even one year, Its worthwhile.

Otherwise, continuing his physical training will do him nothing even if he keeps doing them every day for a year.

The practicing of Added-Weight Technique has really taken a lot of Naitos time!

Naito started to have doubts, he really doesnt want to leave Kushina any more, but if this continues, he will need to take half a year out of his time and go to the Land of Lightning so he could practice the Third Stage more, obviously, the effect will be better.

However, after he successfully cultivated the Technique, the effect was really astonishing.

“Earth Release: Added-Weight Technique!”


Naitos body which was standing on a hard rock wall suddenly sank, and instantly the added weight he cast on himself made the Rock Wall under his feets crush and crack!

However, even with adding this weight, Naito didnt look uncomfortable, he instead stretched his body casually, then began to do simple Kicks and punches.

This technique directly increases the gravity on the subjects, which is much better than the effect of carrying weights.

Carrying weights does unbalanced effect on the body when its full, but the gravity applied by this technique is very balanced, and can also be adjusted according to the amount of the Chakra.

It as if youre carrying a gravity room with you!

If you think about it, no one in the whole world has used the Added-Weight technique to assist them in doing physical training.

Of course, not a lot of people can withstand such training, only the like of Maito Dai can!

Without mentioning, that all of the people who are specialized in Taijutsu are not very good Ninjutsu users, after all, these people have limited Chakra and usually has problems with controlling it.

Moreover, theres the typical example of Maito Dai, who cannot cultivate Chakra, therefore, using this way is impossible for him, but it appears in Naito.

With this technique, Naitos progress has once again improved, and since the gravity can be adjusted, Naitos body strength was getting stronger every day!

Whenever his body adapts to a level of gravity, Naito increases the amount of the Chakra, which increases the power of the technique of adding weight.

In this way, Naitos path toward opening the Fifth Gate step by step was coming to an end.


Konoha, The Uchiha Clan Area.

It has been almost a year since the end of the Second World War, various conflicts have been sorted out, it can be said that the war this time is completely over.

Only some small villages such as the Rain are still causing some problems.

“The situation has finally calmed down….”

Uchiha Kageyama walked to the window and looked outside.

It was raining, the atmosphere was extremely dull as the dark clouds were felling the sky.

“Unexpectedly, the Hokage is not disturbing us no more.” Kageyama whispered these words, while there was a ninja behind him bending a knee.

He was an elite ninja from the Uchiha and a member of Konoha Military Police Force.

“Perhaps theyre thinking of using us to balance the situation after the reappearing of Yuu Naito, after all, hes giving them more problems than us.”

The ninja stood up and responded to Kageyama.

Kageyama nodded gently, then slightly ridiculed and said: “Yes, now theyre acting as if were important to them.”

“However, to think that they will need us to help them with Naitos issue, Hahaha… Life can be really ironic.”

After hearing this sentence, the ninja looked confused, he said: “Then what are we gonna do?”

Kageyama slowly walked over to his table then he gently picked up a black box while he had a strange expression.

“No, youre not wrong, Konoha wants us to keep an eye on Naito… But we wont do that anymore, now that the war is over, we need to do something about him, no one will like watching him grow any more than this!”

Having said this, Kageyama looked at the black box in his hand then said to the ninja: “This is for you, use it to kill Naito, Konoha wont mind it.”

“Killing Yuu Naito?!”

The ninja was shocked, even though he was a member of the Uchiha Clan and one of the team leaders of Konoha Military Police Force, he still got shocked by this sentence.

Who do you think Yuu Naito is?

Hes the man who killed the Third Raikage, the guy is invincible!

Is killing him even possible?!

However, just after he opened the box, he got stunned, then the expression on his face became a little more scared.

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