The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 228: Mangekyou Sharingan!

“This… This is…”


Kageyama sat on his chair and took a sip out of a cup of tea on his table, then said: “One of the few legacies in our clan, so dont let me down.”

“Yes sir!”

Uchiha Rin nodded with an excited look on his face, he respectfully bowed to Kageyama, then he turned and left.

Kageyama kept watching him leaving, then put down the cup on the table and looked up to the ceiling.

“Although its a legacy, the cost of using it is too great… Rin, youre existence after this will effect Fugakus eligibility of being the next head of the clan.”

“However, after killing Yuu Naito, you can enjoy a lifetime of being the hero of the Uchiha Clan.”

Having said that, Kagame stood up, and a smug grin appeared on his face.

This was the close feeling of glory!


Another calm day.

Konoha was as always full of life, and the streets were crowded by noisy people. From time to time, ninjas will leap over the heads of the civilians and disappear again.

But the people have got used of this.

After eating his breakfast, Naito walked out of his house.

“Remember to come back for launch! Otherwise, I will come and find you!”

Kushian stood at the door and waved to Naito as he was leaving, after he nodded gently back to her, he suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Once again, Naito came to the back hills of Konoha, Its basically always an empty area, no one will come here, and even if they did, they would just leave after seeing Naito training there.

People really respect hard workers like Naito.

Naito is already so powerful, yet he never slacked off, he still practices as hard as before.

Of course, they dont know the reasons behind his hard training.

The third war may not cause any turbulence in the world, but Madara will definitely set up his plan during the period of the third war.

Although Madara doesnt have much power in him, Naito couldnt ignore his existence.

Boom! Boom!!

The ground under Naitos feet got cracked, Naito was sweating as if he was standing under the rain, his muscles were trembling, and every cell in his body seemed as if it was getting drawn by the gravity, which means, every single cell in his body was getting stronger.


Finally, Naito canceled the Added-Weight technique and looked at the sky.

Unconsciously, it was noon.

“Well, Its time to go back to dinner.”

Naito suddenly saw Kushina walking toward him with an angry expression, and she seemed to be carrying a box of rice.

The moment he saw her, Naitos expression became strange.

Rubbing his eyes, Naito showed a hint of confusion.

The moment she reached him Naito tried to grab her hand, suddenly, the Kusanagi sword appeared in his hand and swept through her body.

The expression on Kushinas face didnt change; she kept her smile as her blood was splashing the ground, suddenly her figure turned into a shadow and disappeared right in front of Naitos eyes.

The moment he saw her Naito felt that something was wrong, he couldnt sense her with his Ultra Perceive!

He could see her with his eyes, but he couldnt sense her… Is this a Genjutsu?!

Whos using it?!

Naito wrinkled his brows, its really strange that someone managed actually to catch Naito in his Genjutsu without him even noticing.

Naito looked around him, then he started applying his Shock Force into his body to get out of this Genjutsu, when it was clear that this trick wont work again on him, a person came to the front of Naito.

“Konohas Ashura, its really true that youre immune to Genjutsu…”

Uchiha Rin looked calmly at Naito with his black colored eyes, the former wasnt activating his Sharingan.

Naito frowned the moment he saw him.

Although he was frowning, Naito didnt have any fear for him, but with a serious tone he asked: “Who are you, and what are you trying to do?”

Konoha Military Force members werent all famous, but Naito could recognize this one, he was one of their leaders, one of the Uchiha Clan, which made him very angry.

In fact, Naito didnt care about the Uchiha, he actually was too lazy even to care.

“Its seems really necessary to teach you guys a good lesson about not disturbing me anymore.”

Rins heart was shaking from fear, but the expression on his face remained calm, looking indifferently at Naito, he said: “I am Uchiha Rin, and I am here to kill you.”

“Kill me?”

After a little sigh, Naito couldnt help but laugh.

Is this a dream-talking?!


Suddenly, Naito moved his sword, and the guy in front of him got instantly cut.

However, the two halves of Rin who were cut off, strangely transformed and turned into two separate bodies.

The two Identical bodies looked at Naito with a hint of mockery and disdain in their eyelids, as if they were overlooking the sky and said in two voices.

“Is it strange? Do you doubt it? You think you cant get caught in Genjutsu? But Why is that?”

“Is it strange? Do you doubt it? You think you cant get caught in Genjutsu? But Why is that?”

The two bodies looked at each other than with a cold stare on their face they said.

“Youre too small to see the great of the Uchiha Clan, even the one that you are now, in the face of the Uchiha Clan, youre just an ant.”

“Youre too small to see the great of the Uchiha Clan, even the one that you are now, in the face of the Uchiha Clan, youre just an ant.”

Naito looked calmly at the two bodies in front of him while trying to find an explanation to this.

Obviously, hes immune to Genjutsu; still, he was sure that this Uchiha guy in front of him is not using a clone technique.

Moreover, this situation is the same as the previous with Kushina, he can see it with his eyes, but he ultimately cant sense it with his Ultra Perceive.


Suddenly, the two figures rushed toward Naito and pulled out their swords at the same time and waved at Naito.

Naito stood still, letting these two swords hit his body, but there werent any kind of injuries at his body as if he didnt get hit in the first place; obviously, theyre just shadows.

“So you can see that I am just an illusion… But the reality is not as simple as that…”

“So you can see that I am just an illusion… But the reality is not as simple as that…”

At the same time, the two figure turned and looked at Naito, and once again the swayed their swords toward Naito.

This time, it was completely different, this time they were revealing their killing intent!

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