The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 229: The Origin Of The Mangekyu Sharingan!

In the face of the two swords coming toward him, Naito extended his hand with slightly revealing a strange look in his eyes, then he held tight the Kusanagi sword that was appeared from the smoke and waved it horizontally.


This time, it was eye to eye.

Naito could tell that this attack was real from the Chakra flowing in the two swords, which made him block it with his sword.

And if he can block him, it means he can also attack him.


Suddenly, Naito waved his sword and swept it over cutting the Rins two bodies.

However, the two bodies turned into four.




“…Dont you?”

One of the bodies looked at Naito, and said: “This is not a Genjutsu, it can launch a real attack, even if youre strong enough to kill the Raikage…”

The other Rin in front looked at him and said: “In front of me, youre gonna die.”

Listening to these words, Naito didnt respond and started to think about an explanation.

Naito was sure that these bodies in front of him are not clones, and since he couldnt sense them with his Ultra Perceive, they shouldnt be Genjutsu.

Moreover, Rin has never opened his Sharingan.

However, Its undoubtedly a Mangekyou Sharingan ability.


No, its certainly not a Genjutsu.

Suddenly, Naito rushed toward Rin.


Under the overwhelming power of Naitos Shock Force, the four bodies suddenly got smashed into countless pieces. However, those pieces in an instant turned into countless clones of Rin all over the mountain.

This scene seemed like a one from the Original when Naito uses his Shadow Clone Technique.

All of them had ridiculous expressions on their faces as they rushed at once toward Naito.

In the face of this scene, Naito shook his head while his body stood motionless.


Without even moving an inch Naito sent an invisible spiritual shock at all directions.

For a moment, it looked as if the Shinigami himself was reaping their souls as their bodies were crushing apart.

In a faraway place, behind a tree, Uchiha Rin was standing there, with cold sweat on his forehead.

“What an attack ability he has… But with these eyes, I can still…”


Suddenly Rin put his hand on his forehead and screamed in pain.

His left eye was dripping blood, but these eyes didnt have three tomoe, it actually looked like a strange form of a Mangekyou Sharingan!

“So these are side effects of using someone elses eyes…”

Rin gnawed his teeth and tried to resist the pain while he looked like he understood a lot of things, but there was no going back now, Rin could only continue what he already started.

In the distance, Naito managed to destroy all of Rins bodies while the Spiritual Shock continued on spreading around.

However, he couldnt find Rin anywhere, he should be hiding far away.


At the next moment, Naito decided on focusing on the original Rin.

In just an Instant, the whole world around Naito turned into darkness, and he could no longer see anything.

Suddenly, he could hear Rins breaths from the darkness, but he still couldnt determine Rins position.

“You should give up, its not a Genjutsu, Im not controlling your vision.”

“Im actually controlling the world around you, my ability allows me to control the light and create an illusion that cannot be cracked, even if you know its fake, you cannot break it.”

“Because I can also control the light to condense and launch a real attack.”

Rins voice was coming from various directions, even Naito couldnt determine his position from his voice only.

However, Naitos Ultra Perceive wasnt limited to vision and hearing only.

He could sense Killing intent from one of those directions!

Naito could sense it for just one second then it disappeared again!

But that one second was more than enough for Naito, suddenly, he also disappeared.


Suddenly, Rin who was ready to relaunch his shadows looked at his chest to find Naitos sword there inserted through his body.

“Is it now?”

Naito gently releases his hands from the sheath.

Rin looked stunned at the sword, as if he was in disbelief, suddenly, the blood squirted out of his wound, his eyes revealed the pain he was feeling as the blood continued to overflow.

The look on his face was incredible.

“How can this be! This is impossible! I was…”

“Youre controlling the light, and I shouldnt be able to see anything right?”

Naito looked at him calmly and said these words.

Vision? Hearing?!

These things dont matter to Naito!

With his Ultra Perceive, he has almost pure physical induction, perhaps this technique can even be effective on people who have Sharingan, but its completely worthless against him!

Before he found Rin, the former thought that Naito was utterly in the darkness, so he dared to sway into his perception.

“You should have never done that, killing you only takes a moment.”

Naito looked directly into his eyes, he didnt care that he had a Mangekyou Sharingan, because this was the end to him.

Rin could no longer stand still and fell on the ground, while his eyes looked still in disbelieve.

Yuu Naito… Is also a perceptive ninja?!

Moreover, Rin was really far from him, how did he managed to perceive his existence!

Rin extended his hand toward Naito as if he wanted to cast something, but in the end, his whole body fell into the pool of blood.

Before he died, Rins heart sank in despair.

There are a lot of people who are stronger than him in this world, but only Naito gives him the feeling that he cannot even look at him!

Everything seemed to be perfect a moment ago, if you want to kill this man, you need to be a beast just like him. Otherwise, Its impossible!

Looking at Rins corpse in front of him, Naito couldnt help but feel that something was strange about him.

He took back his sword and looked slightly at his body.

“This guy is not famous, people who manage to awake their Mangekyou Sharingan should be absolutely famous but not this guy, these eyes… Something is weird about them.”

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