The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 231: Next Head Clan!

Without noticing Kageyama jumped from his site, and the cup of tea in his hand fell directly on the table.


The cup rolled twice then finally fell over. The tea flow spread across the table, letting the drips fell on the ground, while the whole room was silent.

Fugaku who was in front of the table has also stood up, the tea was dropping on his shoes, but he was so shocked that he couldnt even notice.

“Captain! I have already sent people to check out this matter, this absolutely unforgivable, they didnt just kill Rin, but they also took away his eyes!”

The ninja on the banded knee looked really angry.

There is no doubt that this assassination mission has been planned secretly, only Fugaku, Rin, and Kageyama knew about it, even though the high-level people of Konoha were aware of it.

The Ninja who reported this didnt know that what was taken away werent just ordinary Sharingan eyes, but Mangekyou Sharingan!

Even after he listened to what the ninja in front of him said, Kageyama didnt say anything back and kept quiet for a long time.

Kageyama didnt know what to say for a long time, then with a slightly embarrassed tone he said.

“And what about Naito?”

“Yuu Naito?!”

The ninja seemed confused as he looked at Kageyama, then he said: “Do you mean that Naito is the person behind killing Rin and taking his eyes?! How arrogant, how dare he…”

“All right!”

The expression on Kageyamas face couldnt be described in words as he interrupted the ninja after taking a very deep breath.

“Call the investigators back, theres no need to investigate in this matter.”

Kageyama stood firm and said this sentence with a serious tone.

Listening to Kageyamas orders, the ninja suddenly looked stunned and didnt react for a while.

Are you kidding me?!

“Hurry up, dont question your Captains orders.”

Fugaku finally saved the ninjas life and said these words to him with a low tone.

Although he still looked very confused, the ninja nodded and turned away.

The moment he left and closed the door behind him, the expression on Fugaku and Kageyama faces changed and became full of hatred.


The sun rose on the Hokage Rock, and the three carved faces of the Hokages seemed as if they have come alive.

If you cross the Hokage rock you will find the back mountains of the Village where some civilians come there to walk, other Shinobis will also come there to train.

Although the world has entered a brief period of peace after the second war, some ninjas didnt forget to train every day.

There was also some other young ninjas who graduated from the school, and they were full of hope and ambitions.

Naito was also there, but the people who were doing actual combat exercises were other Shinobis from Konoha, Naito didnt want to disturb them like he doesnt like to be bothered by others during his training.

Fortunately, Naito wasnt there to do his physical training, he was just there trying to adapt his body to the new strength.

Yes, Naito has finally opened… The Fifth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

It took him nearly four years of effort to open this Gate.

Todays Naito has passed the fifteen yours old, and hes nearly sixteen years old.

The effort he put for opening the Fifth Gate was beyond his imagination, Naito needed to master the Third Stage of the Lightning Armour, and learn a whole new Chakra property to master the Added-Weight Technique…

With a bunch of variety of secretive technique to assist him with his cultivation, together with hard work that continued for several years, Naito finally opened the Fifth Gate.

In the original, Naruto got really strong at the end; first, he learned the sage mode, then he learned how to control the Kyuubis Chakra, later during the Fourth War Naruto learned the Nine-Tails name – Kurama – and their hearts synchronize and Naruto becomes able to enter Kurama Mode which is much stronger.

But this wasnt all, in the end, Hagoromo gave Naruto the Six Paths Yang Power which made him open the Six Paths Sage Mode! He was only seventeen years old at that time!

At this rate, when Naito reaches the age of seventeen, his growth will be fast enough to make a genius out of him like Uchiha Itachi or to even have the same sensation as Madara and Hachirama.

But he will never be like Naruto.

Therefore, Naito needed to open the Fifth Gate, he was quite excited about it, but he didnt feel like he was pride in himself.

“Almost fully adapted, and the Chakra is almost adjusted.”

Naito suddenly opened his eyes and clenched his hand, it was indescribable feeling, but he could sense the power flowing inside him.

Naito felt at that moment that he could smash the whole village with one punch!

“With this power smashing the Shinra Tensei is no longer a dream!”

Naito stood up and slightly chuckled.

If someone uses his Byakugan to see Naitos chakra pathway system, he will notice that there are five shining stars connected to each other!

These are five out of eight specific Tenketsu in Chakra Pathway System.

Currently, Naitos amount of Chakra grown directly from an Ordinary Kage Level to one step above, or even more!

Because, Naitos Reversed Chakra Pathway gives him a great recovery speed over his Chakra, and opening the Fifth Gate made it only faster.

If he opens the Sixth Gate, his Chakra might even be compared to a one-tailed Bijuu!

A human that can surpass a Bijuu in terms of Chakra amount!

Since the Warring States era, the only people who could reach this level are Madara and Hachirama.

Even the Third Raikage didnt reach that level.

After all, Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama were the successors of Inda and Ashura.

Of course, the increase of Naitos Chakra is no longer just about practicing Ninjutsu and strengthening his body.

The real enhancement was the Fifth Stage of the Shock Force!

The strength of his Shocks is much stronger than before, if he faces the Third Raikage again, Naito wont need to condense the power of the Shock any more, he would kill him with just a random punch!

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