The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 233: Hell


The moment she heard Naito, Kushina felt more worried, but at the same time she didnt ask what happened, she blinked with her beautiful eyes and gently held Naitos hand.

She tightly grasped his hand, and looked at Naito in his eyes and smiled.

No words needed at that moment.

A smile got drawn on Naitos face, then he also held her hand tightly and glanced at the window looking at the village.

Regardless of Kushina being the Jinshuriki of the Kyuubi, the moment he decided to leave Konoha, she will definitely come with him.

Any obstacles after that will be dealt with!


The next day.

It was a sunny day, the white clouds in the sky were full of harmony.

After the end of the second part of the war, almost all of the major villages were in chaos, but not Konoha.

On this day, none of the Uchiha members were seen in Konoha.

However, the village didnt care about this, they just sent other Shinobis to fill their places in the daily patrols.

In fact, after the end of the war, the need for the patrols wasnt significant.

The whole clan was gathered in the Konohas Military Police Force Building.

All of them were actually members of the Uchiha Clan, none of Konohas Shinobis were there, even the Hokage wasnt invited.

Most of these ninjas were Jonins, Special Jonins, and Chunins, although only a few of them were Chunins, and of course, not all of them had Sharingans.

Most of the ninjas who have Sharingan are Jonins, none of them will be considered Chunin.

Unless their too young, they will be ranked among the Jonins.

Sharigan is relatively rare in the Clan, not to mention the Mongekyou, it seems that since the Madara and Izumi, there was only few who managed to activate them.

Even Kageyama, who was about to abdicate his position as a Head Clan didnt have a Mongekyou Sharingan.

The courtyard was huge, and the ninjas from the Uchiha clan were crowded there.

In the forefront, there was Fugaku who was gonna succeed his position as the Head of the Uchiha Clan and Konohas Military Police Force Captain!

Kageyama stood there next to him, dressed in a robe with some wrinkles on his face as his expression showed a bit of vicissitude.

In comparison, Fugaku looked full of confident, and his eyes were revealing his strong will.

He was confident that hes gonna lead the Clan to prosper, and he was ready to eliminate any obstacles gonna stop him from achieving that, including Yuu Naito!

“Everyone is here?”

Looking at the dense crowd below, Kageyama took the lead with a light tone and a hint of majesty and solemnity.

With a hint of respect, the ninja below responded.

“Everyone arrived.”

“Okay, lets get started.”

Kageyama took a deep breath then smiled to Fugaku, the former looked at him with a touch of joy.

Even though the position was already inherited to Fugaku, there will always be dissatisfied people.

But Kageyama was preparing for this from the start, and he was paving the way for Fugaku to succeed as a head clan, so he dispatched those who didnt accept him from their position, and replaced them with others who were obedient to him.

Almost all of them were up to the idea, which was perfect.

Of course, the top elites of the Clan were also nodding.

These high-elites were the captains of the Military Police Force, and some of the veterans of Kageyamas era, similar to Konohas elders.

These people were highly ranked among the clan, so they were also standing in the forefront, while the others were standing in the back.

Kageyama started to talk solemnly about his lifelong experience, which drove the atmosphere of the audience and made them all think of how mighty is their Clan.

In fact, this was true, although the Senju were not completely destroyed, they were in a really weak position after the Second War.

“I, Uchiha Kageyama, the Captain of the Military Police Force, and the Head of the Uchiha Clan, Recommend Uchiha Fugaku as our next Leader!”

Kageyama said this as he was looking at the elites of the Uchiha Clan.

In fact, this matter was already decided, they just needed to do this ceremony so it can be all legitimate.

The elites looked at each other than one after another said.





All of them start to agree one after another, and no one objected.

The ninjas at the rear have also started to show their excitement, at this point, they can already start to call Fugaku, Head Clan!

“Fugaku can lead us to the peak of the World!”

“We trust him!”

Fugaku sensed the atmosphere in the audience and whispered these words to Kageyama.

Kageyama glanced at the crowd and waited for them until they calmed down, then he smiled and said: “Since there are no objections, then I should declare Fugaku as the next…”

“I object.”

Just at the moment where he was about to declare Fugaku as the next Head Clan, everyone heard a voice suddenly coming from the audience.

Kageyama stood there so angry glancing with his eyes in the audience looking at the person who dared to not only interrupt him but even refuse his son as the new Head Clan.

Who is it?!

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