The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 234: Izanagi!

Being interrupted at that moment, the person who spoke is sure looking for trouble, which made Kageyamas heart full of anger.

He couldnt help but directly open his Sharingan and gaze into the audience looking for that person who dared to do this.

While Kageyama was burning in rage, all the ninjas present in the crowd were looking at each other in horror.

Who dared to object?!

People start to turn one after another.

One person.



The whole crowd turned around.

The lines of sight quickly gathered together at one point, but no in the rear, they were actually looking at someone in the middle of the crowd.

When the first person saw the figure of that person, the expression on his face suddenly stagnated, at the same time he froze in his place as if he got petrified.

Then the same thing happened to the second, then the third…

It seemed as if that person had some kind of magic that make all the people who see him petrified!

All of a sudden the silence controlled the place.

Even the movements of Kageyama and Fugaku came to an abrupt end.

The silence was terrible, even the sound of breathing seemed to stagnate, you could even hear clearly the sound of a needle falling on the ground.

At the center of the crowd, a smirk got drawn on Naitos face, then he repeated that sentence softly.

“I object.”

The sound was very light, but at that moment, even though the sky was clear, it seemed as if there was a thunderstorm blew in everyones ear, letting everyones mind roar.

They couldnt help but show a touch of horror on their expression.

“Yuu… Naito!”

“You… Why are you here?!!”

Kageyama who was standing on the end of the crowd had cold sweat on his forehead the moment he saw Naito.

He didnt expect that Naito will come for trouble today.

But he really dared!

You know even the Uchiha Clan wouldnt look for trouble in the middle of the Village!

Kageyama suddenly moved his hand as a gesture for Fugaku.

Fugaku was also very surprised by the sudden appearance of Naito, he noticed Kageyamas gesture and nodded as he ordered him to retreat.

But before he could even take two steps, Naito who was in the middle of the crowd flashed and appeared again in front of him.

“The succession ceremony is not over yet. Where do you think youre going Mr.Candidate?”

Naito leaned against the door at the back, with a lazy expression on his face.

The ninjas in here were all elites, they have experienced countless bloody battles, but seeing Naitos speed with their own eyes, made them feel amazed and at the same time terrified.

Kageyama somehow kept his calm and walked to the front of Fugaku then looked at Naito and said: “This is the ceremony of the succession of our Head Clan, an outsider isnt allowed here.”

“Oh? is thats so? and what if I want to participate?”

Naito freely stretched his hand, this simple move pushed both of Kageyama and Fugaku back, which made them feel threaten and opened their Sharingan.

However, what made them angrier is that Naito has actually pushed them back, then continued to lean against the door.

He doesnt even have any killing intent, hes just like any ordinary person.

At that moment, Kageyama felt a high pressure.

He knew in his heart that since Naito has shown himself here today, it will be impossible to finish this ceremony today, this should be payback for all the things that happened before!

Thinking of this, Kageyama bitted his teeth with a cold stare on his face.

He needed to make an end to this.

So what if hes called a god?!

Hes inside the Uchiha Territories, all of the Clan is gathered here, hes not afraid of Naito!

Even if he beat Rin who had a Mongekyou Sharingan before, hes not afraid, they have an army here!

He dared to insult them, and he should die for that!

Thinking of this, Kageyamas heart slowly calmed down, and his Killing intent started to spread all over the place.

He looked at Naito with a very cold stare.

“If you want to intend this hard, you can… but as a dead man!”

“Get ready for hell!”

Naito was leaning lazily on the door as he was listening to this sentence, but the moment Kageyama said the last word, he flashed in front of Kageyama.

Then he suddenly put his hand gently on Kageyamas shoulder.

The expression on Kageyamas face froze for a moment, then he widened his eyes.

He knew that Naito has killed the Raikage, but he only read about it in the intelligence, he didnt know how strong he really is.

But now he does.

He couldnt even follow Naitos movements with his Sharingan!

Moreover, even if he could see it, he wouldnt be able to avoid it, he wouldnt be able to keep up to that speed!


In an instant, Naito sent Shock Force from his hand passing through Kageyamas body.

The expression on Kageyamas face revealed a hint of pain, and in just a second, and in front of countless ninjas from the Uchiha Clan, he suddenly collapsed!

“Head Clan!”



In a moment, the horror controlled the hearts of all ninjas in the place.

Yuu Naito… Has actually done it!

Under the watchful eyes of so many people, and inside of Konoha, Naito killed the Head Clan of the Uchiha Clan!

“Hell?… Sorry but I have better things to do, you can go first.”

Naito leaned toward Kageyama as he was having his last breaths and whispered these words to him.

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