The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 236: Sarutobis Decision

“Yea I know about it.”

Naito smiled as he was casually holding his Kusanagi sword while pointing it against Kageyama, then he suddenly waved it.

Kageyama looked confused, but he knew that no matter what he does, he cannot win against Naito.

Suddenly, Kageyama collapsed again on the ground!

“You got one eye left, are you willing to sacrifice it?”

Naito retracted his sword and kept looking at Kageyamas body on the ground, and sure enough, it disappeared again.

But this time he didnt appear right in front of Naito.


Naito was slightly surprised, he immediately start to look for him with his Ultra Perceive, and suddenly he felt Sarutobi moving toward him in the distance.

Without paying attention to him, Naito continued on looking; finally, he found Kageyama.

Kageyama was in a secret room, and he was looking for something!

“So you still wanna play?”

Naito shook his hand and waved his sword toward him.


This simple move sent a shock cutting force flying in the air.

Suddenly, the whole room got cut in two halves, and Naito appeared in front of Kageyama.

The Shock Wave didnt stop and flew directly toward Kageyama.

Kageyama threw immediately the thing in his hand and tried to avoid it. However, it still hit his hand and cut it from his shoulder splashing the blood on the ground.

However, this is wasnt important, what looked confusing is how Kageyamas eyes were overflowing with blood, and they werent his blind eyes, but a pair of Mongekyou Sharingan!

“What a pain…”

Without paying any attention to his hand that has been cut off, Kageyama bit his teeth, ready for a second round, yet his eyes looked blurred. Obviously, these Mongekyou Sharingan are also at the edge of blindness.

“As long as I have these eyes, I can still…”

Kageyama stared at Naito then he rushed at him wildly.


Suddenly, a strange black fire rushed in front of Naito, but it didnt directly hit him.

“This… Amaterasu? This Mongekyou Sharingan has this ability, but it looks like its at the edge of blindness, you wont be able to hit me.”

Naito shook his head and smiled at Kageyama with a trace of pity in his eyes.

Using this technique can be considered an honor, it was used by the likes of Uchiha Itachi, and Uchiha Sasuke, its a total waste on a guy like Kageyama.

However, looking at that black fire in front of him, Naito couldnt help but feel that he can beat it.

Suddenly, Naito extended his hand and pressed the air around that black flames.

This simple move created some kind of transparent glass in the space, which let the air in front of it burst open.

Naitos use of Shock Force became completely pure, he doesnt just control its power, but he also can control its direction at will.

Suddenly, under Naitos palm, the black flames got wrapped by the shock force and turned into a ball.


Under the watchful blurry eyes of Kageyama, the Amaterasu faded away!

“No… This is impossible! The Amaterasu is an eternal flame, how can this be…”

Kageyama couldnt believe what he saw, at that moment, his heart sunk in despair, and he started to attack Naito wildly.

The Black Flames kept bursting targetting Naito until it finally hit his body.

However, there was no effect at all.

Naito didnt even move this time, the Shock Force just start bursting out of his body shattering the Black Flames!

“Sure enough, with my shock force, I can even destroy the sky…”

After he completely destroyed the Amaterasu, a smile got drawn on Naitos face. Hes now more certain that his Shock Force can destroy everything, similar to the Sixth Path power!

Kageyama put his hand on his eye then fell on his knees helplessly.

He felt desperate, his mind was in vain, he couldnt even feel the pain coming from his eyes.

The moment he got rid of the Amaterasu, a shout suddenly came from the distance.

“Yuu Naito! Stop!!”

Sarutobi was the person who shouted, he bearly managed to reach the place at the right time, everything happened very fast, although, the Military Police Force Building was very close to his Building.

He could hear him, but Naito didnt hesitate to end this.


The air collapsed, as the Shock Force slammed down Kageyamas body and smashed it completely.

Naito wasnt ready to give him another opportunity, and he wasnt interested in the Amaterasu, so he destroyed the Mongekyou Sharingan along with him.

“Yuu Naito! You!”

Unfortunately, Sarutobi couldnt stop Naito, he took a look at the field and revealed a stunned expression, then he looked back at him, and immediately got very angry.

“How could you do such a thing, these are our Shinobis!!”

Listening to Sarutobi, Naito suddenly laughed as a trace of mockery, then he directly looked at Sarutobi: “And the thing that happened with Uchiha Rin… Are you telling me that you didnt know about it?”

This sentence made Sarutobi speechless.

The fight has happened inside the Village, theres no way that they didnt notice it!

Observing the look on Sarutobis face, Naito shook his head with a dull expression, then he walked over.

“Clean up the mess.”

For Sarutobi the good old days of Naito were already gone.

If he didnt care about Kushina, and how Sarutobi was taking care of her, Naito would have crushed him along with these Uchiha members on the ground.

The moment he passed by Sarutobi, Naito felt the formers heart secretly shaking, but he was too lazy to pay it attention.

As long as he doesnt provoke Naito, the last wont harm him.

Konoha doesnt mean anything for Naito anymore, if it wasnt for Dai, Tsunade, Kushina and the other… He would have crushed it today.

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