The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 237: Orochimarus Joy!

When Naito left, the Anbu rushed to the place, and from the first glance at the field, they got stunned!

“This… What happened?!”

“Is Naito the one who did this to the Uchiha Clan?”

Even the elites were hardly breathing while looking at this scene.

Since the loss of thousands of Clans in the Second Ward, the Uchiha Clan has become the largest Clan in Konoha.

But now it seems that this so-called big Clan, has been crushed in no time by Naito!

Of course, more importantly, how dare he attack them inside of the Village!

“How about the Hokage?”

Some of them were really confused; they couldnt help but look at the Hokage who seemed very serious.

Is he gonna ask them to catch Yuu Naito?

Please dont!

None of them will dare to do so, and even if they did, how in the world will they catch him?

A person who destroyed the whole Uchiha Clan in a short period, a man who is being called a God!

Sarutobi kept silent for a long time, then he finally took a deep breath and said: “The Uchiha Clan has been attacked by enemies, and Naito arrived at time and killed the invaders.”

“Clean up the mess.”

Sarutobi said this last sentence, and the matter got conclusive.

The Anbu in the place and even the survivors of the Uchiha Clan know that what Sarutobi said is nonsense, but they couldnt do anything about it.

They kept silent for a short period, then they quickly began to clean up the battlefield.


On the streets of Konoha.

People were gathered everywhere.

All of them looked terrified, they thought that enemies have broke in the Village.

But since there was no actual invasion, the ninjas didnt receive any orders about evacuation, so they were all in a state of chaos.

Suddenly the crowd calmed down.

Although it was very crowded, some of them could notice Naito walking on the other side of the street heading toward his home.


“Hey, did you see that… Naito was just over there.”

“Since hes here, do you think he already dealt with the invaders?”

“Of course! They dared to attack Konoha, so they got killed by Naito-Dono.”

The expression on their faces showed a bit of admiration as they were watching Naito entering his home, and closing the door behind him.

Suddenly, all of them calmed down and smiled at each other in relief.

Naito was very popular between the civilians in Konoha, he was even more famous than Sakumo, in their hearts, he even surpassed the Third Hokage!

Naito opened the door and walked in, he saw Kushina standing there quietly at the window looking at the direction of the Uchiha Clan.

She noticed Naito, so she turned very fast to look at him.

“Youre not hurt?”

Kushina didnt care about what has Naito did, nor what will happen next, she was only worried about him!

This sentence made Naitos footsteps stop a little bit.

“Do you think they would be able to hurt me?”

With a smile on his face, Naito shrugged his shoulder to Kushina, then he immediately took off his coat and hung it.

But Kushina was still staring at him.

“Hey, if you dont believe me, why dont you come and check it yourself?”

After pouring a glass of water for himself, Naito smiled at Kushina.

Naito get used to Naitos dirty jokes, so she didnt respond at him, but muttered.

“You scared me…”

“You actually thought that I am gonna harm the Village?”

Naito smiled, and reached Kushina and took her over, then he lay back, letting her sit in his arms.

Kushina had a blush on her cheeks, but she didnt resist him, and sat in his arms and looked closer to him.

Naito didnt look like himself, his eyes seemed very deep.

Or maybe it was just Naitos momentum.

“Am happy youre here.”

Kushina leaned her head on Naitos shoulders and whispered softly.

Although she already made her choice, she was still worried about Naito, after all, he was trying to face the entire Village.

She wasnt a fool, Kushina was very clever, she could tell the situation that Naito was in, from the attitudes of the Elders of Konoha.

They even tried to prevent her from stying together with Naito.

In the past, Sarutobi was supporting them, but he wasnt sure about his decision.

He wanted to use Kushina as a rope to keep Naito close, but there were some disadvantages.

If Naito decided one day to leave the Village, he would take her along with him.

Those who were against the decision found it really difficult to keep her away from Naito, in this world, once someone falls in love they will do anything for that person.

If Sasuke asked Sakura to come along with him in that night, she wouldnt even hesitate.

“Currently, the situation is not that bad.” Naito looked at Kushina, then he kissed her, she looked at him then she tightened her arms around him.

“In short, I dont consider Konoha more than just a place to stay. Ive paid my dues to this Village, and its enough for both of us.”


Kushina stretched out her hand, reaching Naitos cheek, then she gently pinched it, then smiled and said: “In short, we will never be separated again.”

“Of course.”

Naito nodded lightly while he was looking at her eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit strange, and the blush on Kushinas face become more evident.

Holding her in his arm, Naito kept looking at her for a moment, then he gently leaned toward her.

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