The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 238: Helping Kushina!

Konoha, Hokage Building.

In one room, four people sit side by side, Sarutobi, Danzo, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane.

However, the topic of this meeting was quite different from the previous one.

They used to think about how to control Naito, now theyre just so afraid to provoke him.

The kind of power that Naito used to attack the Uchiha Clan has shocked even Sarutobi.

Its true that the fact he could defeat the entire clan of the Uchiha is scary, but what was more frightening is the short period he needed to do so!

Sarutobi received the news very quickly, how long did it take him to reach them?

It was just a moment!

But within this moment, the Uchiha Clan got defeated, it must be known that the Uchiha Clan doesnt represent the whole Village, but being the strongest Clan in Konoha is not just for show!

This kind of power makes Sarutobi and the people who want to take Naito down realize that even if they have the power to do that, Konoha will suffer huge casualties in the process.

Although Naito is not an evil guy, and he will never slaughter civilians, they couldnt risk this, what if they stood in his way, who know what he would do?

They cannot let something like this happen.

the final decision was to never try to provoke Naito, which led them to completely abandoned the idea of separating him from Kushina.

The cost of forcing Naito to leave her might be very expensive, In comparison, breaking some rules, and leaving him be, will grant them peace for the time being.

If unscrupulous will grant peace, whether its Sarutobi or Danzo, everyone will choose peace.

But because Sarutobi was the Hokage, if anything wrong happens he be forced to take the full responsibility of this decision, this might even cause him to lose his position, but if it will make Konoha a better place, he was willing to sacrifice his position as the Hokage!

Because he was the Hokage, the successor of the Will of Fire!

Among the Four of them, Mitokado and Utatane supported Sarutobis decision, and three of them voted for it.

After all, Naito wont last forever, there will always be aging, and he will eventually die.

If they needed to choose between Power and Konoha, they would always choose Konoha.

Of course, the only one who objected this decision is Danzo.

However, Sarutobi has already turned Mitokado and Utatane on his side.

Its not that Danzo puts power before Konoha, but he believes that if he could control that power, he could lead Konoha to prosper!

Naito was just a stumbling blocking him from reaching that power, and he felt they should find a way to remove him.

In the Original, Pain attacked the Village and wrecked it to the ground, yet he kept hiding in the dark and didnt lead his Root to rescue Konoha.

Instead, he believed that this was gonna lead to the born of a new Konoha, a place where he will be the Sixth Hokage, and everything can be repaired after that.


An underground area outside of Konoha.

This was Orochimarus Secret base, which was the place that Naito has came to before.

Naito came here again and entered the base after he was welcomed by Orochimaru.

Orochimaru stood in front of him, holding a scroll in his hand.

“This is the results of the research on the enhancement of the soul. I have compiled the essentials, and I have studied its details over the past few months.”

This time, Orochimaru didnt have his relaxed and casual look, he spoke to Naito very seriously, and with a careful tone.

Orochimaru has always been very good on choosing sides, and what kind of attitude he should use with every person, the same way he did when he was in the Akatsuki, Orochimaru just didnt expect Itachi to be that strong, it was one mistake, and he never did it again.

“I brought you the pair of the Mongekyou Sharingan eyes that you wanted.”

Naito took over the scroll without looking at it, and at the same time, he handed him a small bottle.

He was keeping the Mongekyou Sharingan inside that bottle.

After he crushed the Uchiha Clan, Orochimaru found him and asked him for a pair of Sharingan.

Naito had promised to help him twice, and this is one.

Naito didnt bring him what he exactly asked. Instead, he brought him a pair of Mongekyou Sharingan, he just didnt care much about giving them to Orochimaru.

Orochimaru kept looking at them, just as the Original, he didnt discover the power of these eyes yet, but it doesnt mean that he didnt know enough about them!

Knowing that these were a pair of Mongekyou Sharigans in his hand, made Orochimaru feel ecstatic. He didnt even care that these eyes were close to blindness or difficult to use.

Moreover, these eyes directly offset the two things that Naito has promised him.

The value of these eyes is, of course, extraordinary, In Orochimarus view, these two eyes worthed more than the two things Naito has asked from him!

If he could match the right cells with these two eyes, he would be able to use it without no restrictions and side effects.

The ability of these to eyes is controlling the light, and creating illusions that can actually launch a real attack, which is terrible.

With these eyes alone, he could even face a Kage.

Unfortunately, they were close to blindness, he wasnt sure how much more it will last.

But Orochimaru can restore it if he could match it with the right cells, this was great, and these abilities were very suitable for him.

Naito didnt care about giving these eyes to Orochimaru.

These ability doesnt work on Naitos Ultra Perceive, but they could work on Sarutobi.

Still, he didnt care.

Orochimaru took these eyes with an ill-concealed joy.

“Mongekyou Sharingan… I didnt expect the Uchiha Clan to have them, I thought these never been seen after the death of Uchiha Madara.”

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