The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 238: Helping Kushina!

he said these words.

Naito was about to open the scroll, but when he heard how was Kushina making fun of him, he simply threw the scroll and reached her, and flipped her in midair, then he directly put her on the table in front of him.

Kushina was shocked, shes a ninja, but she couldnt even react to Naitos fast movement.

“Hey… What are you doing… Its daytime.”

“You think I am not the best? I will show you how amazing I am.”

Naito suddenly flipped her again on her stomach, and Kushina couldnt help but exclaim.

Kushina wanted to stand up, but it was too late, Naito has already started!

Naitos finger has already reached her shoulders. (T/N: I Hope you didnt think that something else was about to happen xD)

“Wait… No!! Stop!!”

Kushina wanted to say something, but at the next moment, her body started to tremble, and couldnt finish her sentence, she felt a weird force passing from her shoulders and spreading to her whole body which made it shudder and lose strength.

Naitos fingers were simply pointed on her shoulders, while a slight faint light shining on the tips of his fingers.

Naito now can easily control his Shock force to the extent where its too weak, even regular people could withstand it.

The Shock Force can be used to strengthening and enhancing the physical power of the body.

It doesnt work on Naitos body anymore since it got adapted to that effect.

But for Kushina, who didnt experience it a lot of times, the effect was excellent.

Naito needed to open the Fifth Stage of the Shock Force to achieve this level of perfect controlling.

However, it seemed to regular people as if he was massaging her. At this time, Kushina could bearly withstand it.

Because Naito wasnt just tempering her body, he was adjusting the power of the Shock Force every time, the stronger it gets, the more its effect will be better, but this will cause the numbness to become more like pain.

For Kushina, Naitos power is very subtle.

Naito kept moving his fingers on her back from top to bottom, again and again, until he finally finished the work.

Kushina looked very exhausted her clothes got soaked by sweat, she couldnt even speak, so she kept laying there for a while.

Naito looked at Kushina who was still laying there, and turned to pour a glass of water for her, then came back again.

Kushina who couldnt even stand up a moment ago gradually regained her strength in that short period.

The physical strength of the Uzumaki Clan is inherently good, and this method that Naito was using on her, was helping her to fully develop her hidden physical powers.

Naitos methods are always strange.


Kushina, who had recovered her strength, stood up and clenched her fist and rushed toward Naito.

“Why cant you just be grateful that I care about you, I am just afraid about your safety, but you instead…”

“Me? What did I do?”

Naito shrugged at Kushina then with a smile he said: “Dont I care about you too? I just helped you enhance your physical power!”

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