The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 239: Sage Mode

the clothes then looked at Kushina, he couldnt help but smile, and said: “Its not even my sweat!”

“So what you got to take a shower!”

Although this was unreasonable, Naito took the clothes and went to the bathroom.

Why do I have to do what she says…

Naito stretched out his body, then jumped into the bathroom, suddenly the door got opened.

Naito was half-naked, Kushina didnt look at him and went directly toward her clothes to wash them.


“I am only he because i want to wash my clothes.”

Naito kept washing his body while looking at how serious Kushina was doing her laundering.

Naito couldnt help but take his revenge, while he was taking his shower, he sent a weak shock wave which caused the water to splash all over her dry clothes.

Naito tried to act innocent and continued on taking his shower, then he calmly said: “Oww, How unfortunate, take it off and rewash it, I dont mind it.”

Kushina: “…”

Naito: “…”


Naito couldnt hold back anymore and laughed loudly.

Kushina: “…”

Kushina suddenly looked at him with an angry expression, then she rushed toward a bucket full of water and dropped it on his clothes.

Naito shouted: “Why did you do that!!”

Suddenly the bathroom turned into a battlefield!

They kept pranking each other back and forth until Kushina got really tired and lied down on the bed to rest.

After she fell asleep, Naito finally found time to study the two scrolls, so he sat down at the table and opened them both.

First, he carefully studied the method of the Ryuchi Cave on practicing the Sage Mode.

After he read the whole thing, Naito could quickly notice how different it was from the Mount Myoboku method.

The Mount Myoboku had special oil to assist the cultivation, but nothing like this was mentioned in the scroll; obviously, the two methods were different.

Moreover, in the original, the two transformations were pretty different, the first was sturdy, but the others looked as if they had some characteristics of the snake.

To put it bluntly, theres Hashiramas Sage Mode, which is an exceptional one where the user even gains a very powerful self-healing ability.

This Sage Mode can be activated at will and doesnt require a long time of absorbing natural energy, but the method Hachirama used to obtain this Sage Mode wasnt explained in the Original.

But the only certain thing is that the sage modes of Mount Myokobu, Ruchi Cave, and Shikkotsu Forest are entirely different!

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