The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 24: The Last One

At the end of the first fight between Naito and Satsune, the examiner announced the start of the second fight.

It was the fight of Minato.

Although he didnt fight the same way as Naito, he used a very effective solution too.

He used a C-class water Ninjutsu, it was an easy win too.

Minato has a great control on his chakra and a variety of Ninjutsu, it made Naito admire him.

Casting a C-class Ninjutsu was completely nothing to Minato due to his great chakra amount.

Maybe its not the same level as a Jonin but its not that far.

Although its true his talent is remarkable, but not as much as the Ninja copy Hatake Kakashi who was graduated at the age of six-years-old

The next few fight was easy wins too, one of them was a kid from the Aburame Clan who ended the fight easily by using the insects.

After that, it was a genius boy from the Senju Clan who beat his opponent easily.

Soon, the five winners were determined.

The battles of the main round and the battles at the sub-fields are different.

The divisional battle doesnt only test the calibration of the student on combat only, but also it test his endurance and Stamina, and it test one of the most important things for the ninja, its his luck.

To maintain his Stamina and power for four consecutive wins is just not a simple task.

The main round is simply a showdown of talent and power.

So after the contestant has a fight, he can have a long rest, so he can return to his best condition.

In the case of an injured contestant, there is one of the best medical group ready for any kind of injuries even a broken bone wouldnt be a problem.

After ending the first round.

Satsune and the rest of the defeated students, withdraw after they rested to the sub-field to end their fights.

The main field is only for winners.

It took about two hours for everyone to have a lunch break, after that the second round has started again.

Coincidentally, Because there are only five contestants, there will be an automatically qualified contestant, and it was Naito.

The four students, respectively were Namikazi Minato, a kid from the Aburame clan, Hira Kanō and Senju Hana.

The Senju Clan isnt miserable like it was later having only Tsunade as one of the Sannin.

In the same age as Naito theres a lot of good students with the name of Senju, in addition to Senju Hana there is also a particular familiar person, its Senju Nawaki.

Its Tsunade brother.

Hes the classmate of Naito, but he didnt get to know him because he was ignored before he got the power of the Gura Gura no Mi.

Namikazi Minato versus Senju Hana.

It wasnt an easy fight, but Minato stuck to using Ninjutsu and he got the upper hand, finally, he ended the fight with a Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu technique.

It seems as if he was in control of the whole battle.

Because from the start to the end, Minato seems to have already seen through every move Hana has done before it even pulled out, Minato knows how to fight this one and how to win.

This fight made Sarutobi feel proud.

The more he saw Minato the more he becomes pleasing to the eye of Jiraya, he almost cant wait for him to graduate, he wants him to become his disciple already.

This time, Danzo was interested in Minato too, suddenly while he was drinking his tea, he calmly said


“This child is very mature, very calm, hes suitable for the Anbu missions, I am thinking of recruiting him to the root training.”


Jiraya hearing this sentence he almost jumped out of his place.

Sarutobi exclaimed: “Jiraya back off!”

Then he looked again to Danzo.

Sarutobi calmly said: “Minato shouldnt train as an Assassin he should be trained to be a Hokage.

After Sarutobi sentence, the expression of everyone has changed.

The Hokage, theres no doubt that this is the highest position in the village, and such position a lot of people wants to claim it and Danzou is one of them.

This sentence made Danzo unable to calm down.

He put his cup on the table, then he said: ” Hump! Sarutobi, watch your words, are you saying that hes gonna take Orochimaru place?”

Minato ha not grown up yet, the successor of the Hokage, theres no doubt that Orochimaru is more qualified.

Orochimaru heard Danzo words, but it looked as if it was completely unrelated to him, no one understood what he was thinking.

“Orochi is very qualified to be a Hokage too, but I have not grown old and weak yet, this situation is not gonna be decided any soon.” Sarutobi didnt say any salty word, but he tone revealed a hint of warning.

Hes the Hokage, but also hes still young.

Danzo reveal your thoughts if u have any complaint just say it!

Thats what Sarutobi was trying to say.

Danzo understood the meaning behind Sarutobi words, his expression suddenly changed, but in the end, he didnt say a thing.


Minato won against Senju Hana, Aburame kid won against Hira Kanō.

Naito was felt strange looking at the Aburame kid, its as if he saw him before if he remember correctly, this guy looked like one from the original story, is that Shinos father? Gen?!

The pride of the Aburame?!

Considering the time zone, and the look it seems hes right.

Hes now one of the top three, in addition to Minato and Naito.

Two hours of rest.

At this moment.

The battle of the four sub-field has all been completed, because of the short time of every fight, its only ten minutes.

Most students are too tired to leave.

Some of them who still have some power, used it to came to the main field.

Everyone who isnt a contestant is banned from crossing the sidelines of the field.

Naito didnt get harm, but Kushina at the end of the second round ran toward him.

As a member of the Uzumaki, her physical power is very good, even if she doesnt have yet the power of the men, but shes not afraid of the continuous fight, she will recover later.

Moreover, even if shes tired, Kushina didnt come here to fight, but she came he to see Naitos battles, she cant rest now.

“Youre one of the top three!! Ow, Am so happy!!”

Kushinas small face suddenly revealed a very happy expression.

She didnt even care about the people who are watching and she threw herself directly on Naito and gave him a hug.

A touch of feminine and passion filled the heart of Naito with rainbows.

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