The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 243: Blood Hand

“Earth Release: Super Added-Weight Technique!”

The back hills of Konoha.

A loud sound came out, and the ground under Naitos foot collapsed as there was a terrifying crack spreading densely around.

The whole place was trembling, even this extremely hard ground couldnt withstand this super heavy-weight technique.

Yes, in this month, Naito discovered a way to upgrade the Added-Weight Technique!

This was to the enhancement Naito gain in his soul, it made his control over Chakra stronger, which made Naitos talent in Ninjutsu increase, in result, even if the Earth property wasnt Naitos true nature of Chakra, it became perfectly controlled by him.

With this technique, even if Naito still wasnt ready to practice the Sage Mode, he will eventually.

Naito estimates that his body strength will be at least doubled twice if he keeps training using this new technique.

After that, even if his body strength wasnt up to the standards for opening the Sixth Gate, he expects that it wont be that far behind.

“Humph… Humph…”

This upgraded version of the Added-Weight technique wasnt the same as the ordinary one. Even when Naito was trying to reduce the output of the Chakra to weakening the power of the technique, still the pressure was still terrifying.

Naito could bearly stand still, but he will never give up, Naito made an oath that he will never break, an oath that he will be the strongest, and as long as he was still breathing, Naito will never break!

Naito resumed his life, studying the Sage Mode, and living his joyful daily life with Kushina, while he kept this technique always activated, thinking that this is will last forever, but after half a month, Naito suddenly got unexpected information.

The Assassin ninjaBlood Hand appeared again in the Black Market with the Kusanagi sword!

Naito kept searching for him since the end of the Second World War; however, he couldnt get his hand on any useful information.

All of a sudden, the Blood Hand suddenly popped out.

Such an unexpected and surprising event.

Moreover, he didnt find this information in the Black Market, it was actually in Konoha, the Blood Hand appeared in the Land of Fire to do an assassination mission!

And succeeded!

The man assassinated the Fire Daimyo, although, he always has some Shinobis guarding him, yet no one will try to kill a Daimyo, because theyre only ordinary people.

For example, of the Land Lightning send some ninjas to assassinate the Fire Daimyo, the others will just do the same.

Its a lose-lose to both sides.

Therefore, even if war breaks out, the only people who will be fighting is the ninjas, these Daimyo will not be dragged to the battlefield.

After he killed Daimyo of the Fire, the Blood Hand killed three more Shinobis from Konoha, but one of them managed to put a secret mark on his body.

A tracking mark.

Therefore, after the Village got the news, they sent a team of Anbu after him.

Naito couldnt help but notice these Anbu Team leaving the Village in a hurry, so he got curious.

Although Naito is not allowed to access to the Anbu intelligence, yet he went there and read the whole thing anyway, no one will stop him after all, including the Hokage himself.

“He assassinated the Daimyo Fire? This is unexpected, is the Wind and Lightning behind this?”

Naito touched his chin and walked out of the Anbu, whispering these words to himself.

Killing a Daimyo wont be difficult for anyone, but after that, you will have to face the rage of a whole land!

He must be really confident to irritates a big village like Konoha, they will never stop before they find him.

After he obtained this information, Naito left the Konoha following the direction of the Anbu.

Naito didnt care about the Daimyo, he was only interested in the Kusanagi sword, it was a must-have thing to him.

After endless searching, Naito confirmed that there is only three Kusanagi sword.

The day he put his hand on the second one, Naito felt a bit of connection between the two, if he gets the third one, there should be some special effect.

This sword seems to be lost a long time ago, the Sand has only snatched two from the hand of the Kusanagi Clan.

After wandering around the borders of Land of Fire for a long time, Naito couldnt find any traces of the Blood Hand!

Naito went back to the Land of fire, he had a feeling that his man will be smart enough to think that the safest place will be inside of the country since everyone will think he already left.

However, it wasnt long before the Anbu team finally found him.

And the result was surprising.

Konoha has actually sent two special squads after him, a total of eight fine Anbu!

It doesnt sound much for Naito, he could end their life with one cut out of his sword.

but this man has actually managed to kill four of them and escaped again!

However, the information said that the Blood Hand has also got injured. Still, this is amazing, even the high-level people in Konoha were shocked, and they were ready to send Sakumo to deal with him.

However, at this time, a sentence from Naito, made the remaining team retreat and return to Konoha.

“Leave it to me.”

With such a simple sentence, the Anbu returned to Konoha, and the Village dispatched the other team they were preparing to send with Sakumo, after all, a man like Naito didnt need any support!

Because they knew it was already over, the moment Naito decide to deal with him.

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