The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 243: Blood Hand


So this is how he got his nickname, this world is full of strange abilities, some people can even use their bones, so its only normal to find someone who can use blood.

But these two figures are just blood, nothing special about them, but still, it made Naito more cautious.

A release that has never been seen is always dangerous.

The unknown is equal to danger.

Therefore, Naito didnt hold back this time and used his fist to shatter it into pieces.


The air burst and the two figures got smashed.

The impact made a strange sound, and the two figures turned back into ordinary blood!

“What kind of chakra nature is this? It seems strange…”

Naito kept looking at the blood on the ground, then he shook his head while his eyes became sharp.

After he smashed these two figures with his fist, the blood on the ground didnt move again.

Naito frowned, then he used his Ultra Perceive to look around.

“It turned out to be a clone.”


In the distance, in a small river, the water suddenly surged, and a person raised from the sea, revealing a terrified look on his face.

“Damn, my Blood Clone got easily destroyed, is this the guy called the God of Shinobi? I need to…”

An abrupt sound suddenly came and interrupted Blood Hand from finishing his sentence.

Out of nowhere, Naito flashed in front of him and slammed him with a punch.

The Blood Hand got hit and couldnt help but get terrified.

What kind of speed is that?!

He was just over there, how did he come here so fast?

“A cloning technique, you really fooled me there, Its really difficult to see through youre Blood Release.”

Naito looked calm at him, in fact, this trick will never work again on him, unless hes willing to leave the Kusanagi sword behind, theres no way to escape!

Naito was chasing him relying on the inductions he was feeling from it!

“No one has ever seen through my Bloodline Limit…”

The Blood Hand slowly suppressed the horror he was feeling in his heart, and a cold stare appeared in his eyelids, then he suddenly moved his hand.

This was a hand sign!

Naito was prepared to destroy anything he was gonna throw at him with a punch, but this wasnt an attacking technique, one second later, the Blood Hands body got healed.


Naito got really surprised watching the blood movements in his body.


Upon seeing this, Naito moved his hand sending a shock wave toward him to interrupt this strange movement of his blood.

The Blood hand revealed a sneer expression in front of Naito as if he was watching a dead, suddenly, a groud suddenly appeared in his hand and in a second a golden streamer got unleashed out of the jar and headed toward Naito.

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