The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 245: Natural Energy


A golden light suddenly appeared, like a meteor cutting through the sky.

In an instant, it came in front of Naito.

Naito knew that this was the unconventional form of the Totsuka Sword which has the power to seal enemies that hits.

However, Naito wasnt afraid, he also had the power that can even break the gates of heaven!

But at the last moment, looking at that golden streamer heading toward him, Naito suddenly hesitated and stopped.


Suddenly, the golden streamer ran through Naitos body.

Looking at this scene, a hint of mockery appeared on the Blood Hands face.

“So this is the so-called god of shinobi, how embarrassing, youre just like the other Konohas Shinobis from before, Hahahaha!!!”

He was confident in his Totsuka sword seal power, but he thought that Naito will try to do something against it.

He didnt expect Naito to get hit directly from the first strike, he didnt even try to dodge it!

The Blood hand looked at Naito who had the golden light running inside him and couldnt help but laugh loudly.

Suddenly the atmosphere instantly became strange, and the sound of his laugh stopped.

Suddenly, the expression on his face stagnated, then the cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“What is this?!!”

The Blood Hand was holding the gourd in his hand which allowed him to extend or shrink the blade of the Totsuka Sword at will, all that he needed to do is to control the sword to seal Naito in the gourd.

But no matter how many times he tried, the blade wasnt moving, and he couldnt seal Naito back in the gourd!

Naitos body seemed as if it was a giant peak nailed to the ground that its impossible to shake him!

However, this is not supposed to happen!

The Totsuka sword had this unique ability to seal the enemy that gets hit by its blade, it never failed, how could a person be able to resist its seal after getting hit?

The Blood Hand wasnt a fool, he knew that something was wrong.

“Do you think that the Kusanagi sword will seal his own maker?”

Naito looked calmly at the poor guy with a slight of a taunt in his eyes, he simply didnt try to avoid it, because he didnt need to.

Naito reached out the blade inserted in his chest and slammed it.

Suddenly the Blood Hand felt an irresistible power forcing him, and he could no longer hold the gourd of the Totsuka sword, suddenly, it flew out of his hand, and came to Naitos side.


The blade got retracted inside the gourd, while Naito body didnt even have a trace of wounds, the Totsuka Sword had the power to seal enemies, but at the moment it hit Naitos body it didnt hurt him; instead, it directly established a new connection with Naito.

The Totsuka sword… Already belong to Naito!

Based on the amount of the Chakra injected in the gourd, the blade of the sword will change its size, actually, the first Kusanagi sword Naito obtained had the same effect.

The golden gourd trembled gently in Naitos hand, revealing its joy.

This scene made the Blood Hand freeze in his place.

He let the blade of the Totsuka sword hit his body so he could win it to himself?!

Is this a joke!!

The Blood Hand felt as if he was dreaming if Naito blocked that hit or dodged he wouldnt be this shocked.

He didnt even think that this is possible.

The moment he put his hand on the Totsuka Sword, Naito started to feel a strange activity between it and the other two swords.

“Finally got the last one.”

Looking at the gourd in his hand, Naito felt emotional as he whispered these words lightly, he didnt take out the other sword immediately to see the effect, this is wasnt the end of the fight, after all. Instead, he raised his hand and looked directly to the Blood Hand.

“Thank you for holding this one for so long, and for bringing it to me.”

Naito was in a good mood, after he smiled at him, holding the Totsuka sword, he injected his Chakra in it.

“Impossible! This is impossible!!”

He was still unable to accept this fact, the expression on the Blood Hands face was incredible.

The moment he saw the Totsuka sword pointed at him, his heart suddenly started shaking in fear, then he suddenly looked like he realized something.

The Tatsuka Sword!

He held this sword for a long time, and he understands its abilities, he actually used it several times on other people, he knew that there was no way to fight against it!

His heart sank in fear, he had no will to resist it, or fight against it, in an instant, he printed a hand sign with one hand, then the whole person turned into blood, and tried to head toward the riverside.

But in the next moment, the golden light run through him before he could even reach the river!

“NO NOO!!”

The blood once again condensed into a human form, but the whole person looked stunned.

His face showed a deep desperate, he always relied on the power of this sword, he defeated many enemies using it, he never thought that he will have the same fate as those people he defeated!

The Blood Hands voice stopped abruptly, and with a hint of desperation on his face, his whole body got melted then sucked into the gourd in Naitos hand.

The golden light finally faded away into the gourd and disappeared.

The Tatsuka sword doesnt have an actual blade, the gourd was the essence of its power.

Puff! Puff!!

The white smoke appeared, and the two Kusanagi swords came out at will in front of Naito, then they directly suspended in the air while the gourd of the Totsuka Sword was still in Naitos hand.

Finally, the three Kusanagi sword are all gathered together!

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