The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 245: Natural Energy

energy, Naito couldnt help but whisper these words.

The purpose of the Kusanagi Clan to forge these swords, wasnt so they can be separated, but to make a magical weapon, a one that can be as strong as the Sixth Paths Weapons!

However, the Kusanagi Clan werent the ancestors of the Six Path, and they didnt have that kind of power, it was impossible for them to forge such a weapon directly.

Therefore, they tried another method, which forced them to separate these swords.

The Totsuka Sword was the root, so they gave it the power to seal enemies, it kept absorbing the energy contained from the sealed enemies one after another.

Only after absorbing enough energy, the tree sword will be fuse together, and make this unique magical weapon!

The sword was strong enough, but now after adding the natural energy, it doesnt even need to rely on the strength of its master, its power is enough to be as strong as the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths!

The gourd continued on absorbing the natural energy, Naito knew that it was brewing it inside, which means that the transformation of the new sword didnt finish, so he wasnt worried about it.

After a little bit of perceiving, Naito determined that this process could take a month.

Because it was absorbing the natural energy all the time, its size becomes really big, and Naito wasnt ready to take it back to the Village, because it may cause him some troubles.

Therefore, Naito found a temporary place to live nearby.

When the Totsuka Sword was absorbing the Natural Energy Naito could feel some fluctuations which he has never seen before!

Naito tried to perceive the existence of the Natural Energy several times before, but it was too difficult for him since he couldnt reach the state where he can moderate his Shock Force, and focus on the Natural Energy.

What Naito didnt expect that when the Totsuka Sword started observing Natural Energy, he could sense its flow with his Ultra Perceive!

After he closed his eyes, the world became entirely different Under his Ultra Perceive.

The ground, the sky, the trees, the grass everything was filled with Natural Energy.

“So this is Natural Energy…”

Naitos eyes were closed, but his face showed a hint of exclamation, no matter how you think about it, the Natural Energy was always a mystery to him.

However, Naito didnt know if he would still be able to sense it after the sword stops absorbing it.

Therefore, Naito sat next to the Totsuka Sword and began to work on the Natural Energy norms, his goal was to make his Ultra Perceive able to sense it even in normal state.

After some hard work, Naito finally succeeded!

When Naitos shock force reached the fifth stage, his Ultra Perceive induction got upgraded, however, after he worked on his soul and strengthened it a lot, the Ultra Perceive grow even stronger.

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