The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 248: The New Kusanagi Sword

With the Sage mode, speed, strength, and defense have increased by a small amount.

“the physical fitness has improved a lot, the shock force should be stronger, but its necessary to open the Sixth Gate for it to reach the Sixth Stage.”

Naito opened his eyes and tried to sense his physical condition.

Later, he stood up, and looked at his hands as he clenched it, making fists, Naito was prepared to experiment his new strength.

He went straight to a mountain and swang out his fist.


In an instant, the whole mountain got destroyed, and the forest behind got disappeared completely.

“Although the growth is not too big, it still counts as an improvement. Unfortunately, this early stage of the Sage Mode wont help me opening the Sixth Gate.”

Nait kept looking at his fist, then he took it back and sighed.

What he cultivated was a Sage Mode that only belongs to him.

Because he could absorb the Natural Energy in movement, his Sage Mode could always be turned on!

The Shock Force doesnt consume a lot of Chakra, so even while hes in battle the consumption of the Natural Energy wont be large, it can almost be said that Naito has a permanent Sage Mode.

Of course, the Sage Mode is not the real purpose of Naito.

What he wants to achieve is Hashiramas Sage Mode!

The one that can be called a truly Eternal Sage Mode!

Only that level can satisfy Naito, the one he has achieved although it seems permanent, its still different.

The Sage Mode that Naito has currently is just like the one Naruto had in the Original, its just more perfect than him because Naito could take full control of it.

Naito called this one the First Stage of the Sage Mode.

It can only be achieved if you could absorb the Natural Energy and merge it with your own Chakra.

Even if Naito can maintain it forever, it will not be the same thing as Hashiramas.

The one Hashirama achieved was a perfect model of the Sage Mode, and Naito classified it as the Second Stage!

The bodys cell itself will be blended with the Natural Energy until the body itself began to regenerate the Natural Energy.

Therefore, Hashirama could easily activate the Sage Mode even when he was moving, without any kind of limitations.

This kind of Sage Mode, will grant you an immortal body, but not everyone could achieve it, it seems that only the successors of Ashura can, but Naito believes that he still can reach that level with training!

No one has stood in the sky from the beginning, even the Sixth Path.

Everything has a starting point.

Even Kaguya was just a normal human being before she eats from the God Tree.

What Naito needs to do is to keep the hard work, and step by step, he will also reach that sky, where those people are standing.

The Second Stage of the Sage Mode, grant the body of immortals.

It dramatically increases the speed of the strength, but it also has the ability to heal its user, without even the need of a seal, its even more perfect than the one he has it now.

The most challenging thing about it is the way to blend the Natural Energy with the bodys cells to transform it.

After a long time of thinking, Naito finally got the answer.

The Reverse Hachimon Tonkou can do this.

He will only need to integrate the Natural energy into the Five Gates that have been opened in his body, and the Natural Energy will gradually merge with it and transform Naitos body.

This will no longer be considered as the First Stage of the Sage Mode, this will grant him a permanent transformation for his own cells, which will gradually get spread through his whole body.

Of course, the speed of this process will be slow.

For Naito, this was a leap of faith, he finally felt relieved, as long as he achieves the body of sage, he will be able to open the Sixth Gate!

Now, all that he needs is to keep the Natural Energy within him and control it all the time to let it gradually merge in his cells and slowly transform his body.

Of course, even if he tries to absorb more natural energy, the progress wont improve, especially in the beginning, its really difficult to directly integrate it into his cells, and it will all get wasted.

“I finally found the right path to open the Sixth Gate, only the Seventh And Eighth remains, how will I open it, will I need to find to reach a third Stage of the Sage Mode?”

Sensing the situation in his body, the blood was constantly getting pumped driving the Natural Energy with it, gradually blending it with his body, and slowly transforming it.

After the Second Stage, there is a third one.

The Third Stage can no longer be considered as a Sage Mode after that, it will have a new name.

Sixth Path Mode!

This mode is named after the Sixth Path, so it called the Sixth Path Mode.

In the Original, Madara, who became the Jinshuriki of the Jyuubi, gained a much stronger immortal body than Hashirama and achieved the Sixth Path Mode.

Even when he got hit by Gais last blow he didnt die, although Madara himself said he nearly killed him.

Half of his body was gone, but he could quickly recover it, if he was only in the Second Stage, I am afraid it will be difficult for him to survive.

“At this speed, it will take me more than ten years to achieve the body of the immortal… But step by step, while I am working on the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, it may take me much lesser than ten years to achieve it.”

Naito stood and started to analyze the situation.

As he was still observing the flow of the Natural energy in his body, and thinking about what he needed to do next.

The Totsuka sword next to him suddenly stopped the absorbing the Natural Energy!

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