The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 248: The New Kusanagi Sword

is golden light ball, Naitos suddenly thought about something.

“Maybe… It can be transformed into anything… Maybe a sword?”

At the same moment, the ball suddenly flashed in Naitos hand, and in accordance with Naitos thought, it turned into a long golden sword.

It really has the ability to change to anything you want!

Naito looked amazed and slightly surprised, it can change to anything, this new sword is undoubtedly far better than the previous Kusanagi swords.

Perhaps, it should be called Shinsei Sword (T/N: Shinsei: Rebirth.)

With this ability, it can change its shape to anything, it can even become a shield or a long spear.

And it can be extended in and out at will, or it can even turn into long chains wrapped around Naitos hand.

“The defensive power is really strong, I really didnt expect it to be this good, such an artifact is indeed qualified to be as strong as the Sixth Paths ancient weapons.”

With one thought from Naito, the Shinsei sword turned into its original shape.

The god in this world is actually the Six Path.

This new Kusanagi sword really has the power of a god.

However, Naito does not know whether it can be compared to the Truth-Seeking Ball, but since its created from the Natural Energy, even if it faces it, it wont be easily defeated.

And since its a purely energy-oriented type weapon, its power is actually related to the users. If the user is strong enough, it might even help find the path to the Sixth Paths power.

However, these were just Naitos expectations, he was still testing it.

Looking at the golden light ball, Naito was finally ready to really test it.

“Lets see your true power.”

At will, the golden ball in Naitos hands turned into a huge hummer.

Naito held it in his hand, then he flashed in the distance.

Although it looked big, it was very light, he couldnt even feel its weight.

At the next moment, with the hummer in his hand, Naito slammed the mountain in front of him.

A hummer is actually the most suitable form for Naito to use along with his Shock Force.


For a moment, he seemed as if he slammed the sky itself, the whole place was shaking as the horrible force of shock has burst out, the mountains below got completely shattered, and the ground burst with countless cracks and in an instant it collapsed.


In the end, the whole place collapsed entirely from the impact of this hit and turned into a huge pit. The pit looked huge, the same size as the entire Wood Leaf Village!

With Naitos full force, this simple move has already reached the same level as the terrible power of Pains Shinra Tensei.

Actually, in terms of power, it looked even stronger.

The Shinra Tensei indeed destroyed the whole village yet many people survived, but Naitos attack, will destroy the whole place with every living thing in it.

Even the smallest ant on the ground wont survive.

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