The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 24: The Last One

r, others saw more than that, the surprising thing wasnt Naito, it was Gen even some of the Junin admired him.

“An extraordinary mind, the battle was decided in his mind before it even began.”

“Indeed, the power of the shocks gives Naito the upper hand, it creates vibrations that make it impossible for the bugs to even come near him.”

“If Gen fought Minato instead maybe we would have seen an incredible fight.”

Those were some Junin respective reviews.

Of course, some of them respected his knowledge his strategic mind, others felt that he lacked motivation.

Even if you knew youre gonna lose, you try and play your cards.

In short, it was mixed reviews.

At this point, the field only has Naito and Minato.

And the field can only contain one of them.

Kushina didnt expect Naito to come this far, she hoped for him to only come in the top three, but she didnt expect him to reach the finals.

She couldnt help but shout

for Naito.

Although she feels that Naito chances of winning are very poor against Minato, she still hopes for him to get first, and be the genius of Konoha.

“Since I didnt fight this one, there no need for the rest, lets just start right away.”

Even Sarutobi couldnt turn his eyes from the field, he hoped to see a fantastic battle, he wanted to see the true color of Minato.

He fought several of times now but the most incredible thing about his fight until now that he didnt get hurt.

From the beginning to the end, Minato dealt with every battle like it was nothing!

“Haha, he finally made it to the finals, Minato is certainly number one.”

Jiraiya made it very clear that Minato was number one before the battle even began.

“This is not necessarily the case because… …” Tsunade said that but the second sentence was immediately interrupted by her own doubt: “Jiraya, come on give me a break.”

In front of everyone, Tsunade felt a little bit embarrassed.

Seeing how Tsunade was a little bit angry Jiraiya laughed then he whispered: “That little devil Naito is strong with his bloodline Jutsu, but its nothing that Minato cant deal with I guarantee.”

She looked at him and whispered back: ” is it?!”

“Believe me, that little devil can do nothing… …”

But the next moment he felts chills coming from there backs.

Tsunade was laughing while she saw how Orochimaru come near Jiraya ear and said: “so you think Yuu Naito, cant do anything to Minato?!”


Instantly cold sweat come out from Jiraya forehead.

He couldnt help but smile while saying: “KeKe, in short words, I like Yuu Naito, and you like Minato, lets just wait and see the final outcome.”


Tsunade snorted, and Jiraiya was too lazy to answer his provocation.

“The battle of genius, there will be always a result, let just wait and see.”

Orochimaru smiled, his eyes showed that he was interesting.

One side is the most talented kid in all-time Minato, and the other side is the awaker of the special bloodline the earthquake.

Both of them are interesting, both of them are strong, thats what he thought.

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