The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 250: Rich Natural Energy

“Using this weapon makes the power of the shock even greater than using simply my fists, even the range has become wider.”

Falling from the sky slowly into the ground, Naito looked at the big bottomless pit he made, and he couldnt help but feel amazed.

Suddenly, the golden hummer melted and shrunk then finally turned into a pair of golden gauntlets set on Naitos fists.

Afterward, Naito looked carefully at the bottom and focused his full power and slammed it out.


Naitos targeted the deep pit with his attack which made it collapse from its edges, the hole got more in-depth, but the range of this attack wasnt as good as before, but because of that, the power was more significant!

The walls inside the pit kept collapsing as the hole was getting deeper and deeper until the falling rocks suddenly fell into the groundwater veins causing the water to flow out!


The water kept flowing out of the pit until the whole jungle got turned into a vast lake!


After he kept testing his new weapon, Naito didnt do anything about the mess that he made. Instead, he just shrugged and turned away.

The new Kusanagi Sword can change its shape at will, when its not injected with the Chakra of the user, it keeps its initial form as a lightning glass ball, the moment its infused with Chakra, it will change its form.

The bigger it gets, the more Chakra it consumes, if you want to make a huge shield, you will need a significant amount of Chakra to do so.

Although he learned the Sage Mode and his Chakra improved magnificently, its still just two levels above the Kages Level.

Naito will need to improve it even more, at least to the level of the likes of Hashirama, so he could reach the second level of the Sage Mode the Body of the Immortal, and open the Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

However, the new Kusanagi Sword is really amazing.

The higher the Chakra amount, the stronger the attack of this weapon will get, its simple, but also strong, and anyone can use it.

Its a pity that the people who actually made this weapon didnt live to see it.

If Naito didnt work hard to collect all the three weapons together, this weapon would have been disappeared completely in the long river of history.

Naito did no longer need to seal the sword as before, all that he needed to do is one thought to make the weapon shrink and turn into a golden ring that he can wear on his finger.

As long as he keeps it in on his finger, all that he needs to do is to inject his Chakra into that ring to make it change its shape again and turn to anything he wants.

Naito was delighted with the new Kusanagi Sword.

Naito left that area and headed directly toward the Village.

He chased the Blood Hand for so long until he was already at the borders of the Land of Fire.

However, this distance was nothing to Naito, under his full speed he managed to cover a lot of distance with one step, and since his Sage Mode was permanently activated, he didnt even need to eat.

In the Original, Naruto needed to eat bugs to survive his training, but not Naito, since he was blending the Natural Energy with his cells, the results were completely different.

The path Naruto followed in the original had no ways of improvements.

If he werent the successor of Ashura and awakened the power of the Sixth Paths, it would have been impossible for him to cross over the Second Stage and reach that level directly.

The path that Naito has followed was completely different, combining the Natural Energy with his Reverse Hachimon Tonkou will eventually lead him to awake the second stage of the Sage Mode.

All the way forward, Naito was moving at high speed without even the need to use the Super Soru Technique.

And because of this he couldnt help but think about it.

“My speed has improved a lot, but I am not sure if it can be compared to the Flying Thunder God while using the Super Soru technique.”

Naito muttered this to himself, he couldnt help but think about Minato since he didnt know whether he has learned the Flying Thunder God Technique yet.

The Flying Thunder God is a Space Ninjutsu, the user only needs a Kunai or an actual seal on any subject to instantly teleport toward it, the Flying Thunder Technique doesnt require any kind of hand signs, with just a thought it can be activated.

However, the emergence of that thought also takes time.

In the short distance, Minato will need to locate a position first so he could teleport toward, in the process, Naito can reach that location first before him.

It can be said that in short distance, Naitos speed can be comparable to the Flying Thunder Technique and in some situation even faster!

Of course, the Flying Thunder God can ignore the distance as long as theres a seal near it, and once the distance becomes longer, even if Naito reaches the speed of light, it will be impossible for him to catch up with the speed of space.

Naito didnt have the intention of beating a space technique in long distance since the sound of that only is ridiculous.

Constantly advancing, Naito focused more on the vibrations of Natural Energy in the air.

With his Ultra Perceive, he kept absorbing Natural Energy while moving.

Just as he was heading back, Naito suddenly noticed an extraordinary mountain in the distance.

The mountain range was incredibly vast, even with his Ultra Perceive he could only sense a small part of it.

And what was more strange is that he could sense a significant increase in the density of Natural Energy in there!

The more he went deeper into the mountain, the more natural energy he found.

After discovering this strange mountain, Naito couldnt help but go deeper in it, the amount of Natural Energy in that place, really attracted Naitos attention.

As he gradually approached it, the mystery of this mountain gradually unveiled, and Naito finally recognized the place.

Mount Myoboku!

Its the place where Naruto practiced his Sage Mode in the original, Its also the habitat of the frogs.

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