The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 250: Rich Natural Energy

e Human world and entered the world of fairy tales.

The maze alone was vibrant of Natural Energy, and entering Mount Myoboku only made it richer.

There were strange giant plants everywhere.

Natural Energy in the place was too rich, which made even the vitality of the plants strong and affected its growth to the extreme.

Natural Energy was constantly absorbed into Naitos body, but the naked eye cannot see that.

The amount fo Natural Energy was even beyond his reach.

After a few steps, Naito couldnt help but stop and close his eyes and focus all of his senses in absorbing Natural Energy.

After a while, Naito opened his eyes with a hint of joy.

“This place can speed up my cultivation progress!”

It takes at least a few years or even a decade of observation to reach the second stage of the Sage Mode; The body of the Immortal.

However, inside this place, feeding the Five Gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou with this great amount of Natural Energy will speed up the process of the blending and will naturally accelerate the transformation of the body.

Its impossible to feed all the Five Gates at the same time outside of this place.

“At this speed, I think it wont take me more than three months to fill all the Five Gates with Natural Energy.”

“In this case, I will need to focus only on absorbing Natural Energy all the time, and the Five Gates will do their work on integrating it into my whole body.”

After some perception, Naito determined that staying in Mount Myoboku will enhance the speed of his cultivation.

Filling the Five Gates will take only three months, but the blending and the integration of that energy into every cell in his body will also need another three months.

Thus the process will take half a year.

This process will not necessarily achieve the body of the immortal, but two or three more times will certainly make it happen.

In other words, it may take up to a year or two to finally achieve the Body of the Immortal!

This speed is too fast compared to the previous decade. It got reduced by ten times!

However, theres a problem, Naito was an intruder, Mount Myoboku was the habitat of the toads and if he wanted to stay here and safe he needed first to talk to them.

In fact, it wasnt more than a minute since he entered this place, and he could sense some of them approaching his location.

Naito could sense a familiar toad approaching him, it was the one who Naruto called him Oyabun in the Orginal!

Naito could sense him from the first step he put inside the Mount, but he just ignored him, yet since he decided to stay, it was impossible for him to avoid this encounter.

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