The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 253: The Elders Shock


The power of the shock blasted out, and the huge short sword stopped just a few inches from Naito.

Compared to that huge sword, these few inches are nothing.

But in this situation, it seemed as if it was the distance between Earth and Heaven, and this short sword will never reach it!


A crisp cracking sound came, and under the terrified eyes of Gamabunga, a crack appeared on the blade of his sword!

The cracks suddenly started to spread, covering the entire blade.

In the end, the huge sword got broken from the middle!

A simple finger flicker from Naito broke the sword, the blade flew in the air, then it fell on the ground right in front of Gamabunga.

It fell almost a few feet away from his head, which made him overwhelmed by cold sweat.

With just a finger flicker, he broke his sword, he shouldnt have such a power even if his activating his Sage mode!

This is incredible!!

Just as Gamabunga was so shocked that he didnt even know what to do at the moment, finally, a second toad reached over.

Then there was a third, and then a fourth.

Mount Myokobu was the resident of the Toads, and there was so many of them, almost every one of them could sense the strange flow of Natural Energy.

Gamabunga was the closest, so he came here first.

“Gamabunga, what happened?”

“What is happening even your sword is broken?”

“Look! Theres a human on the top of Gamabunga!”

The newcomers were a bit strange; some of them were incomparably slow, others seemed to be dizzy and confused.

However, their numbers were incredible, and not all of them had the same size.

After they realized that Gamabunga seemed to be defeated by this human, they all surrounded Naito, and they judged him by being an enemy.

“How did he come in?! Hes not one of our contractors.”

“Hes an invader!”

“Be careful, this guy is a Sage Mode user, and it seems that hes the cause of the strange flow of Natural Energy.”

Some of them were analyzing the situation while Naito was only standing on the top of Gamabungas head looking at them.

Naito ignored all of their gazes, and casually glanced at the crowd looking for Fukasaku and Shima, but he couldnt find them.

These toads werent in charge of this place, if he were gonna talk, he would only do with the elders of this place.

“Human, what is your purpose of invading our land?”

Gamabunga finally woke up from his shock and screamed these words.

At this time, he could tell that Naito wasnt a good person!


After he glanced at Naito, he said: “Training?”

The toads were gathering around as the two of them were talking ready to fight.

However, Naitos answer made Gamabunga and some of the others stunned.

“Training… Do you mean the body of the Immortal?”

“Yes, the environment is pretty suitable for practicing the body of the Immortal.”

Naito nodded and with a calm tone, he answered.

Gamabungas expression looked awkward for a moment, then he got angry and said: “Are you kidding?!”

He wants to train here in their land?

What the hell!!

If he were a contractor, they wouldnt mind it.

His Sage Mode model has nothing to do with them. Its as if hes asking someone to give him his home after complementing it.

This is nonsense!

“Kill him!”

The moment he said this word, all the toads attacked at once.

Looking at this scene, Naito shrugged a little helplessly.

Cant they see the gap already?!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Suddenly, Naito flashed several times after he jumped off Gamabungas head.

After a few punches, all the toads crushed on the ground.

Naito landed back on the ground.

These toads werent weak, but they werent strong enough to stop Naito, they couldnt even touch him, the gap was really magnificent.

After defeating their whole army, Naito didnt continue to attack, but after he shook his head, he turned and looked toward a specific direction.

After making this big move, the elders were finally alarmed.

Two small toads were running through the jungle at this time.

But the strength of these two toads cannot be measured by the size of their bodies, they were the sages of this land!

They looked really worried as they were rushing toward the battlefield.

“We need to hurry before its already over.”

“But how did this invader cross the maze, if you werent just too concerned about the launch…”

Shima looked somewhat anxious.

“The kids are already there dont worry about these small matters, they should be fighting him by now!”

“What are you saying!! This is not a small matter. This is a big problem, it seems youve grown to be more stupid, Pa!”

Fukasaku was aware of this, he knew it was a big problem, but he just didnt want to admit that it was his fault.

Moreover, it wasnt really the time to argue about whos fault is this, yet Shima was really teasing him off.

“And you call yourself an elder…”

“AUGH!! Stop it Ma!”

They didnt even reach the battlefield, and the two of them were fighting, Naito was looking at them with his Ultra Perceive from a distance.

These two…

Naito couldnt help but think about Kushina.

He was really worried that the two of them will end up like this in the future!

They kept arguing the whole time until they reached the place and saw how all of the toads got defeated, and they naturally stopped.

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