The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 253: The Elders Shock

Both of them were widening their eyes in disbelieve.

Defeating their technique this easily wasnt the reason behind their shock, what really terrified them was that Naito could destroy their technique without even the need to stop the absorption of the Natural energy!

Its simply incredible!

The Sage Mode demands a lot of focus to keep the continuity of the natural energy absorption, and the slightest movement can interrupt that.

Naito didnt only move, he was actually in a real battle state, but the absorption didnt stop, it didnt even seem to be affected at all, it didnt even slow it down, how is this even possible?

“This guy… Is not ordinary!”

Looking at Naito has become more and more breathtaking.

“Right, the amount hes absorbing is crazy, how much Chakra he got in his body, no one can absorb this much!”

“Still, hes not showing any signs of discomfort. Could it be something else… Does he have the body of the Immortals?!”

Fukasaku and Shima looked at Naito with a lot of speculations in their heart.

Moreover, they were more terrified about the fact that theyre not able to absorb Natural Energy in his presence!

In other words, almost all of the Natural Energy in the place is forcibly taken away by him, the flow of Natural Energy was strangely rushing toward him, and the amount they could absorb was negligible.

This has been a thing that has never happened before!

“Ma, we need to stop, and hear what he have to say, he seems not willing to fight us.”

After taking a deep breath, Fukasaku gave up the idea of fighting Naito, and at the same time, he took a few steps toward him.

Shima also nodded and looked back at Naito, who was also walking toward them.

“Strong young man, why did you come here to the Mount Moyboku?”

Naito could notice that both Fukasaku and Shima were no longer willing to keep this fight, so he looked at them calmly and answered.

“Mount Moybokus environment is good and full of Natural Energies, I want to practice my Sage Mode here.”

Naito directly explained his intentions.

There was no concealment, and theres no need to hide anything, it was clear that none of them could stop him.

“You want to practice your Sage Mode in here?!”

Fukasaku and Shima looked stunned, both of them looked at each other to find if they were having the same expression.

Because he was closer to them, they could sense the Natural Energy more clearly around him.

Natural Energy looked like a whirlpool around him.

The speed of the absorption made them even shocked, and when they perceived his physical condition, they could no longer hold it anymore.


“Youre practicing the body of the immortal?!”

At this moment, they finally figured out the reason behind his ability to absorb that crazy amount of Natural Energy, Naito was trying to turn his body into the state of immortals by blending the Natural Chakra in his body cells.

Instead of spending decades outside practicing it, he came here so he could absorb an enormous amount of Natural Energy and turn his body into the state of immortal!


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