The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 255: Three Months

He knew what Naito was talking about, but his understanding of the situation what made him more shocked.

The body of Immortals.

Even though Mount Myoboku is isolated from the world, they were still aware of some major events that were happening in the outside, for example, they knew about the Warring States Period and the Second War.

They naturally also know of the existence of the body of the immortal.

However, the people who have that strength, are generally were born with it, they just needed to develop their own strength to reach it, its like a hidden power within them, its not something that can be learned in a night!

No one can drive his body to its limit by forcing enormous amounts of Natural Energy and achieve the transformation.

Once you lose control over Natural Energy, the results will be nothing but petrifaction.

However, this is doesnt include Naito, he can always force the Natural Energy out of his body once it gets out control, but the fact that he understands the essence of the body of immortals alone is shocking!

“Yes, thats right. Therefore, I need a lot of Natural Energy, and this place is rich with it.” Naito looked deeply to Fukasaku and Shima, then he continued: “So, will it be a problem if I practice it here?”

Fukasaku and Shima didnt answer as their forehead was overwhelmed by the cold sweat.

They didnt know how to respond to Naitos request, they couldnt even refuse if they wanted, they didnt really have the choice, they didnt know how strong he was, but the strength of his Sage Mode is enough to crush both of them easily!

Their fighting abilities fully relies on Natural Energy, his presence alone prevents them from absorbing it, which makes them just two ordinary little toads.

“We dont have the authority to decide something like this…”

Fukasaku stopped for a moment to take a deep breath.

But when he was about to continue, a toad that was a little bigger than him jumped in.

“Fukasaku-Sama, Shima-Sama, Ojiji-Sama said, leave the outsider alone, and let him do whatever he wants.”

Gamamaru was the oldest and most respected toad of all the inhabitants of Mount Myoboku, because of his age, the other toads affectionately call him Ojiji-Sama.

Hes also known as the Great Toad Sage, who lived for thousands of years and even knew the Sixth Path personally.


Not only Fukasaku and Shima, but even the other toads also widened their eyes, revealing a touch of surprise.

Seeing that all the toads were in disbelieve, the little toad spread his hand and said: “Hey these were Ojiji-Samas original words, if you dont believe me, you can ask him for yourself.”

Of course, they believed him, none from the toads in the Mount Myoboku will lie about something like this, and surely none will disobey Gamamarus orders.

In addition to this, what other choice do they have?

Naito was too strong, his strength is almost unbelievable, if they wanted to fight him, all of them would just end up dead!


In the depths of the Mount Myoboku.

A toad that looked very old was laying there carrying a large cup of tea in his hand.

After he took a sip of tea, Gamamaru sighed.

“Its finally happening….”

“The prophecy…”

Thinking of the thing he has foreseen, Gamamarus eyes revealed a touch anxious.

“According to the prophecy, its better if we dont interfere with him. The future, the outside world, and the human wars have nothing to do with Mount Myoboku.”


Mount Myoboku.

Gamamaru commanded the toads to leave Naito alone and not interfere with anything he does, so the former can freely enter and leave the place whenever he wants, therefore, Naito took place for himself in the depths of the mountain.

It was a very familiar scene.

The place was near a waterfall and surrounded by countless beautiful statues; however, theyre actually other people who failed to learn the Sage Mode.

In front of these stones statues, there was a small waterfall.

What flows in that waterfall wasnt actually water, but a special oil that helps to absorb natural energy.

Because of this waterfall, this place was the richest place with Natural Energy.

Even the intensity of the natural energy in here was better than any other place in the mountain.

In the Original, Naruto has also practiced his Sage Mode in this place, and the speed of his cultivation was incredible.

“So this is the special oil that Naruto used, but it looks like theres nothing special about it, why can it attract the natural energy?”

Naito couldnt help but try it himself, so he put his hand directly into the oil pool.

The moment he took it out, Naito could clearly feel the sudden change in the natural energy flow swarming quickly toward his hand.

Naito has always been absorbing natural energy, his body was full of it, but he needed to pour that energy into his whole body before it finally flows into his Second Gate.

Now, after he wiped his hand with this special oil, his absorbing speed didnt increase, but the natural energy that got absorbed from his hand got poured directly into the gates within his body.


Looking at his own hand, Naito gently waved a few time in the air.

Ordinary people cant see the flow of the Natural Energy, but with his Ultra Perceive Naito could see everything.

Whenever he waved his hand, the flow changed.


Suddenly, Naito sent shock waves into his hand to force the Natural energy out.

“It seems that whatever is the case, the Shock Force can always suppress Natural Energy.”

This scene made Naito relieved, even with the use of the special oil Naito can easily force the natural energy out of his body, therefore; theres no need to be afraid of getting petrified.

After he cleared his mind, Naito sat cross-legged next to the oil-pool and closed his eyes, the serious training has finally begun.

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