The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 256: The Kyuubi

“Madara, Naito has disappeared for nearly three months now.”

Zetsu stood in front of Madara and reported the recent investigation in the outside world to him like he always does.

Madara looked slightly indulged, with a glimmering light in his eyelids, he looked up and said: “It time to start.”


Mount Myoboku.

The oil-fall fell and flew through the passage toward the pool, while Naito was sitting on its edge, closing his eyes.

The Natural Energy was gathering around Naito forming the shape of the whirlpool, while the former was sitting in the center of that vortex constantly absorbing it.

That horrible violent flow of Natural Energy could be sensed in the entire mountain.

“It has been more than two months?”

“Its been three months, and Ive never seen anyone capable of such training.”

Two small toads who feared to disturb him were watching Naito from afar.

It has been nearly three months since Naito crossed his legs and started his training.

He didnt sleep, drink, or eat anything for the whole time, all the energy he needed was directly getting extracted from the Natural Energy, still, not a drop of dust was on his body, his whole body looked as if it was fused with nature.

The flow of Natural Energy around his body was horrifying, but not for some of the animals in the place.

Now and then some birds will come flying from afar and land on his head and shoulders to rest.

Naito has managed to fill all of the four gates in his body with Natural Energy starting from the Gate of Heart, and he was working on blending that power.

Even the Fifth Gate was very close to being filled.

The Natural Energy was continually flowing in his body, not blending with his Chakra, but directly into the Fifth Gate.

Finally, it got filled with Natural Energy.

At this moment, the horrible flow of the Natural Energy around Naitos body stagnate, and slowly calmed down, then returned to its initial state.

Naitos eyelids trembled slightly, then slowly start opening.

“It should be less than three months, sure enough, the Natural Energy in this place is rich.”

Whispered softly, Naito stood up, which made the birds on his body, surprisingly flap their wings and fly away.

The first thing he did was stretching his body after not moving for a few months, its not healthy even for a ninja, only immortal creatures can do such a thing.

At first, he felt a little bit uncomfortable, but he quickly recovered.

Moreover, Naito could clearly feel the enhancements he gained, he could feel an incomparable vitality within his body.

Naito didnt forget to check the injury he gave to himself, and it looked fully healed.

Naito wanted to check his self-healing ability, when he opened the fifth gate, it reached an excellent level, but now after he mastered his Sage Mode, and part of the second stage; the Immortal Body, it became perfect, still, not compared to Hashirama of course.

Analyzing the situation in his body, Naito nodded.

“Theres no need to absorb any more Natural Energy for the time being, after the current amount in the five gates get fully blended, I will need to reabsorb the same amount again, it seems that this process will take several months.”

After a while, Naito discovered that the range of his Ultra Perceive has also improved, it seems that practicing his Immortal body, has also strengthened his soul power.

He could sense a lot of the animals, ants, and even the toads in the place since he was in the center of the mountain, although, he couldnt cover the whole area in his perception. Still, he could sense the existence of a large number of them.

Naito didnt have any intentions of staying in the mountain since he didnt need to absorb any more Natural Energy for a few months, he was ready to leave.

He will wait for a few months, then he will come back and repeat the same process.

This will not take a lot of time, he will just need to repeat it for three more times, then he will achieve the Second Stage of the Sage Mode.


Naito suddenly flashed and appeared several times toward the exist.

Currently, his moving speed looks more and more like a teleportation technique.

Soon, Naito left the Mount Myoboku.

Before he began his training, Naito asked the toads to deliver a message back to Konoha, and since the Toads and Konoha had a good relationship, they didnt mind.

Jiraiya also was shocked when he learned that Naito had actually come to the Mount Myoboku to practice the Perfect Sage Mode, but he didnt have any choice but to believe that fact.

He also managed to learn the Sage Mode, but he couldnt even master the First Stage, whenever he tries to do it, his body comes near to turn into a frog. When he heard from the other toads that Naito didnt have any physical changes on his body, and moreover have a stronger model than the Mount Myoboku, he felt even more amazed.

Initially, he also wanted to bring Minato to Mount Myoboku to practice Senjutsu. However, Minato was working on his Flying Thunder God Technique and didnt have time to go.

Therefore, during the time Naito was in the Mount Myoboku no one came to disturb him, as for the Toads, Gamamaru ordered them not to bother him, so they never dared to disobey him.

All the way forward, Naito didnt encounter any obstacles, Naito quickly crossed over through half of the Land of Fire, gradually approaching the Village.

“I am finally back, Kushina shouldnt be worried this time, but sure she missed me.”

While he looked to the direction of the Village, Naito smiled slightly, although he didnt leave for a long time, Kushina is really different from before, she became really sticky, these three months, should felt like three years to her.

However, while Naito was approaching the Village, he suddenly widened his eyes.

“Whats happening?!”

Naito speeded up while he had a very shocked expression on his face.

The world was having a peaceful period, and there werent any signs of the outbreak of the Third World War, then why is he feeling such violent vibrations coming from the Village?

These kinds of powerful vibrations, there no doubt that these are the signs of a Fierce Battle!

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