The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 258: Defeated

At the rear, there was the half-destroyed Village that suffered enough from this disaster.

In the front, a dozen ninjas were standing next to each other, these ninjas were the elites of the Village, Sarutobi, Sakumo, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Jiraiya…

The others were just looking from a far distance at the fierce battle that Sarutobi and his followers were having, they simply werent qualified to participate.

Their attack doesnt have the slightest effect on the Kyuubi, and his distractive power will not leave them any chance to escape, they will be killed in an instant.

At this moment, the Bijuudama was flying over the ground heading toward Sarutobi and the other while leaving significant traces behind it.

At this moment, Sarutobi and the others finally reacted.

Whoosh!! Bang!! Boom!!

In an Instant, they released all of their powerful Ninjutsu at once, and they all flew out toward the Bijuudama.

Then a horrible explosion occurred throughout the battlefield.

Sarutobi and the others were already at the edge of the Village, they couldnt retreat even if they wanted.

They barely managed to push the Kyuubi out of the Village, previously, the battle was taking action in the middle of the Village which caused them a lot of casualties, and they must not let him enter the Village again.


At that moment, all kind of Ninjutsu, and weapons were flying over toward the Bijuudama for the final clash, all of them has already used their strongest attacks.

All of these releases gathered together and collided with the Bijuudama, which finally caused a horrible explosion, it looked like a falling start has crushed on the ground, letting it tremble wildly.

When the light caused by that explosion faded away, a huge horrible hole appeared from the dust on the field, which made everyone could not help but swallow.

“Blocked… We blocked it?!”

“Great, weve managed to block such a strong attack!”

“If we keep this up, it will not be impossible anymore to suppress the Kyuubi.”

The Shinobi in the rear has finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In the front, the Kyuubi has finally stopped moving, it seems he didnt expect his Bijuudama to be blocked.

But this is didnt last for a while, suddenly he became angrier.


He leached another mad roar, then he started surging his demonic Chakra again to release another Bijuudama, which made everyone look frustrated.

Even Sarutobi and his followers were having drops of cold sweats on their forehead.

“Hes coming again!”

“The amount of Chakra this beast has… is horrifying!!”

Everyone was biting their teeth, ready for the second round.

However, this time, everyones expression looked different, they all looked despaired as all of their eyes were falling on that Bijuudama.

Even Orochimaru looked more pale than usual.

“No! We wont be able to stop this one!”

“Damn, is this the real power of the Kyuubi? How did the first Hokage defeat him?”

Everyones expression looked incredible, so shocked to even look at it anymore.

How can they block it?

All of them thought that the Kyuubi was just a toy in the battle between Hashirama and Madara, but now they finally realized how terrible is his power!

They also understood the great power of the first Hokage Senju Hashirama.

“This… Its impossible to stop it. If Naito-Dono was here, we might have a better chance to defeat the Kyuubi if he joined forces with the Third Hokage.”

In the distance, even the Anbu felt horrified and desperate watching the battle from afar.

At the rear, Minato who was in charge of evacuating the civilians saw this scene and couldnt help but also feel terrified, without any hesitation, he suddenly blinked toward Sarutobi and the others.


When he saw Minato coming over, Jiraiya didnt know how to deal with him.

“Hokage-Sama, please allow me to use the Flying Thunder God to change its direction.”

This sentence shocked even the likes of Orochimaru and Tsunade.

“Youve learned the Flying Thunder God?!”

“Yes, Ive just learned it.”

Minato took a deep breath then looked to Sarutobi with a very confident expression, he was ready.

He had just learned the technique, and he didnt develop it, nor add his methods as he did in the Original, if he wants to transfer the Bijuudama, he will need to use his body to do it.

He must be very precise, any mistake will means his death.

“No! This is too dangerous!”

Sarutobi was the first to speak and refuse it immediately.

Its true that he could learn this advanced technique. Still, hes too young, he might be very talented, although it cannot be compared to Naito, he definitely has the Will of Fire, and Sarutobi will never sacrifice him here.

“But theres no other way…”

Konoha is a large village, even with the help of all the ninjas they cannot evacuate all of the civilians quickly.

If the Bijuudama reaches the Village in the back, it will be the end of Konoha.

“Minato, even if you can transfer this one, will you be able to do the same for the next one?”

Jiraiya looked at Minato and couldnt help but smile.

This sentence didnt effect Minatos will and with a serious expression he looked at Sarutobi and the others and said: “It doesnt matter what is the cost, it doesnt matter how long I can keep doing it, because Konoha is on the sake here, I will keep doing my best until the end!”

“Well said.”

Sarutobi took a deep breath, revealing an expression of recognition, at that moment, he could feel it deep inside his heart, that Minato is the best successor of the Will of Fire.

Suddenly, the Kyuubi released the second Bijuudama, and it was way more significant than the first one, but without any hesitation and with a firm expression, Minato flashed toward it without even looking back.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in front of him which made Minato stop.

“Yuu Naito?!”

The moment he saw Naitos back, Minato looked stunned and couldnt help but exclaim.

Jiraiya was also waiting for his arrival. Still, he also looked surprised, he didnt expect Naito to come back this quickly.

As early as the Kyuubi break out, Jiraiya informed the Mount Myoboku to call for Naito, but they told him that he left many days before, and they cannot contact him.

So he couldnt help but give up.

After all, the distance between the Mount and Konoha is so far away, and he wouldnt be able to reach the Village that quickly.

However, after they start fighting the Kyuubi, he doubted the whole idea, can Naito even stop the Kyuubi?

Before the beginning of the fight, he felt that Naito can stop him, but after he saw the real horrible power of the Kyuubi, he doubted the possibility that anyone can stop him.

This is not a power that human being can surpass!

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